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General electric toothbrush and ultrasonic electric toothbrush have what specific distinction, which is more practical, each brand each price have difference?

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There are essential differences between the common electric toothbrush and ultrasonic electric toothbrush on the market.Ultrasonic electric toothbrush, is to be able to launch ultrasonic radiation, generally in the brush head mounted ultrasonic can change, can produce under the electric drive brush handle ultrasonic energy, and under the environment of wet mouth formed "cavitation effect", namely, millions of bubble deep into the gums, thus to kill bacteria, take away the dirt, prevent dental plaque.

However, the majority of electric toothbrush on the market do not generate "sound waves", but still rely on mechanical drive. A small motor in the handle can drive the brush head to a small range of vibration, and finally rely on the friction of the brush bristles to clean teeth.The name "sonic electric toothbrush" has nothing to do with "sound wave", but only because the number of vibrations per second is equal to the frequency of the sound wave.And we often say "mechanical electric toothbrush" and "acoustic electric toothbrush", in the working principle is the same, but the brush head movement direction and vibration times are different.Mechanical, round brush head, rotating back and forth when working, vibration amplitude is large, vibration frequency is small.

Most of the other "electric toothbrush" are more common. The brush head oscillates from side to side. The number of vibrations is different, and the working position of the brush head is different.Electric toothbrush under 100 yuan is not recommended, 100 ~ 300 yuan is the mid-range price of domestic brands, but it is the entry of foreign brands, so start with domestic products more cost-effective.It is recommended to choose a professional oral care brand. For example, THE electric toothbrush I just bought has a high appearance level, soft bristles and soft tap position. It has been used for several months now, and the experience is quite satisfactory.

While electric toothbrushes are more convenient, labor-saving and clean more thoroughly than traditional manual toothbrushes, they are not suitable for everyone. After all, there is friction on the bristles, which inevitably causes some wear and tear.So I don't recommend using an electric toothbrush if your periodontal condition is very unhealthy or fragile, for example in children under 3 years old or the elderly.However, the real ultrasonic electric toothbrush is suitable for almost everyone, after all, the whole process does not involve mechanical friction, just need to place the brush head on the tooth surface, without damaging the enamel, can easily clean the brush bristles can not reach the dead corner.At present I can find, in the sale, the real ultrasonic electric toothbrush is only one, that is, a German brand, the family is patented in the body, ultrasonic vibration frequency of 24 million times /min!Compared to a typical electric toothbrush with 30 to 40 thousand vibrations per minute.

Toothbrush in addition to the traditional products, there are electric toothbrush.And many friends tired of using ordinary toothbrush, want to switch to electric toothbrush, but was stuck by the type of electric toothbrush choice.Which type of electric toothbrush is better and brand introduction for you? I hope it can help you.

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