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How long should I brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush?

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The electrical toothbrush, due to the fact that the electric motor rotates, the brush head instantly runs and also the force is uniform, which can cleanse the mouth more securely as well as successfully.

Electric tooth brush is separated right into rotary and also acoustic kind, which are basically a vibration kind. Currently, the market thinks that the acoustic type sonic toothbrush  is much better, while the rotary type is cleaner, yet it might cause higher deterioration on teeth.

Obviously, the greater friction of the sonic toothbrush, additionally means that the cleaning ability is stronger.To control force and avoid damages when you sonic toothbrush, advanced electric tooth brushes are also geared up with pressure sensors to prevent you from pressing as well hard. Electric toothbrushes are necessary.The reason is simple: According to the consensus of the World Health Organization and national dental associations, manual toothbrushes electric should be brushed for at least five minutes using the Pap method.Regardless of how many people can do the Pap method, I would bet that 10 packets of instant noodles are less than 5% of those who can brush their teeth for five minutes on a typical day.An electric toothbrush takes two minutes to clean properly and is cleaner than a manual toothbrushes electric.

I don't think so. Maybe an electric toothbrush isn't very good value for money. If you're using an electric toothbrush because you want to whiten your teeth, then I think it's an IQ tax.I think the most valuable thing about an electric toothbrush is that it saves effort.Brushing your own teeth is really very tired, especially the pursuit of sonic electric toothbrush for three minutes, keep the hand has been up and down the state of brushing is difficult, a careless may brush horizontally.Brushing your teeth sideways hurts your teeth. I know a man who brushes his teeth sideways and uses a lot of force, which leads to bad teeth.An electric toothbrush is recommended for deep cleaning of sonic electric toothbrush and plaque. It lasts a long time on a single charge and is suitable for lazy people.And, the electric toothbrush cleaning force is stronger than manual brushing, the strength is also very uniform, very safe and effective.

Well, I don't think electric toothbrushes are an IQ tax. You can just buy one that's over 100.Cheap and easy to use.How is an electric toothbrush an IQ tax?Confused kids electric toothbrush beneficiary came to report.I used to brush with a manual toothbrush. I was strictly required to brush for two minutes, but rough guys brush hard.When I got my teeth cleaned once, the doctor told me to go easy.I can't help it.Later, the electric toothbrush became popular, and I bought a domestic electric toothbrush that I was using.What I value most is its overvoltage protection.The bristles will stop when I press them.Reduce irritation to tooth surfaces and gums.In addition, I also used the kids electric toothbrushwith travel money, which brought me a lot of convenience and effectively cleaned my teeth.Very good!

The use of electric toothbrush has been more than three months, the teeth really visible to the naked eye white up!When I used the electric toothbrush at that time, I had quit smoking for three months. Although the smoke stains on my teeth did not deepen, they did not decrease, which made me very upset.Because each bunch of electric toothbrush bristles will be more close to the surface of the teeth, the super brush can better clean the teeth, so every time after electronic toothbrush the teeth, the teeth have a wonderful feeling, just like the one after each cleaning, the teeth feel very clean and comfortable, with the use of the electronic toothbrush, there may even be tooth stones fall off.

According to my friend himself, he used other electric toothbrushes a long time ago. If he brushed the back teeth, the brush head would vibrate all over. It would be very uncomfortable to touch the teeth and the rapid vibration would knock the whole head buzzing.But my electric toothbrush manufacturer, not only does not have that uncomfortable feeling, but it can also clean the teeth!Moreover, the appearance level of this sonic toothbrush bulk is very excellent, the texture in the hand is very good, the frosted feel is waterproof, very high-end atmosphere, the noise is very small after opening, when idling, you can see electric toothbrush manufacturer vibrates very fast!

Electric toothbrush recommendation, there is a brand of electric toothbrush his family sonic toothbrush bulk I bought two.Less than 300 price, you can buy a good electric toothbrush bulk, his family often do activities, you can stare at.After-sales service is very in place, no matter what the brushing problems, or questions about the product will be patiently answered.High level of appearance electric toothbrush factory, both sexes can use.The fuselage of metallic texture is unique, which is not only delicate and comfortable in the hand, but also can avoid the electric toothbrush factory and yellow brush handle.The bristles are moderately hard and soft. When using an electric toothbrush bulk to brush your teeth, the bristles will vibrate and rotate 360° at the same time. It is a black technology!The cleaning effect is good, gentle and efficient, sonic toothbrush manufacturer brushing is very comfortable, change the area without worrying about knotting teeth.Unique black technology is online again!5 cleaning modes, induction charging, IPX7 level waterproof.

If electric toothbrushes were ranked in terms of appearance, I'd give this one the top spot.

Known as the business flagship sonic toothbrush manufacturer, it is really used to give people very stunning, high class.The packaging is simple, light and luxurious, and the sonic toothbrush vendor gives people the advanced texture at a glance. The cool time and exquisite and advanced metal sense reveal elegance.Before and mother on the adult to clean teeth, the doctor let her use electric toothbrush, she is not willing to, after I say something for a while, she finally agreed to use, so she bought this appearance level and practical with .My mother liked sonic toothbrush factory very much. When brushing her teeth, she sighed that the current technology was really developed, and the sonic toothbrush vendor was so delicate and convenient to clean.There are 5 cleaning modes, inductive charging, IPX7 waterproof.The bristles are soft and hard, and the mother feels comfortable with them.

1. Reduces tooth damage. sonic toothbrush factory can reduce brushing force by 60% and reduce gingivitis and gingival bleeding by 62%, making the brushing process safer and more effective.2,electric toothbrush vendor can remove stains more thoroughly, many people's habits are sloppy brushing, and the electric toothbrush is very effective in removing stains, can reduce the stains caused by drinking tea, coffee and bad oral conditions, restore the original color of the teeth.


1. usually with ordinary toothbrush are active up and down brush, that is, vertical brush.The vibration frequency and strength of the electric toothbrush vendor are relatively fixed. When rotating electric toothbrush wholesale, it is similar to the horizontal brush on the tooth surface. It may cause some wear and tear on the teeth, and serious periodontitis may be caused.2. The frequency and strength of the sonic toothbrush supplier are fixed. Because children cannot master the appropriate use method at that time, it is easy to damage the tender gums, make the gums appear red and swollen and other symptoms, and also make the teeth suffer severe wear and tear.

Looking back on my transition from ordinary toothbrush to electric toothbrush, I did experience a lot of searching and learning at that time. This question had been paid special attention to learning, which strengthened my determination to change from manual toothbrush to sonic toothbrush supplier.In fact, the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush wholesale compared with manual toothbrush, the masters in the front row have answered very complete, basically in an all-round comparison, electric toothbrush wins.

Our manual brushing is dozens of times per minute, while the frequency of sonic toothbrush wholesale is as high as thousands of times per minute.As the frequency of brushing your teeth per unit of time increases, the cleaning ability naturally increases.Second, the electric toothbrush is more friendly to brush. By vibrating or rotating at high frequencies, the sonic toothbrush wholesalecan better protect the gums and teeth, in contrast, the normal toothbrush with the sawing horizontal brush more damage.And studies have shown that electric toothbrushes are better than manual ones at removing plaque.Volunteers were randomly divided into two groups for the detection of electric toothbrush and manual toothbrush. It was found that the efficiency of the electric toothbrush agency in removing dental plaque was significantly higher than that of the ordinary toothbrush.

No matter how much technology, if electric toothbrush supplier is uncomfortable to use electric toothbrush agency, is actually a failure.It's a struggle that many people face when they switch from a regular toothbrush to an electric toothbrush. Can a toothbrush that spins or vibrates at that high speed make your teeth feel super uncomfortable, or even make your head buzz?In fact, the main reason for this situation is that the vibration of the brush head of the general sonic toothbrush agency is driven by the drive shaft to vibrate electric toothbrush supplier at high frequency, which causes the bristles to vibrate. Long distance transmission will cause the electric toothbrush to have to increase the vibration, so the electric toothbrush vibrates very much.The rotating motor drives the drive shaft and then drives the sonic toothbrush company bristle base to vibrate, which can realize the dual function of rotation and sonic toothbrush agency  And because there is no high-frequency vibration of the brush head, only the bristle rotates and vibrates electric toothbrush dealer, which can effectively avoid the knock teeth and mouth vibration caused by excessive vibration.

First of all, it is not recommended that students with gingivitis and periodontitis blindly buy electric toothbrush!Electric toothbrushes are not for everyone!If you have serious dental problems, gingival cleaning and periodontal treatment at a regular hospital should be considered first.Instead of the recommended electric toothbrush and a brand of toothpaste.Secondly, for the choice of electric toothbrush dealer, what we care about is actually the cost performance. After all, we spent hundreds of pieces of money which is several times higher than ordinary toothbrush. Of course, we expect it to have excellent quality and reasonable price reason.

When you start to use an electric toothbrush, you may not adapt to it. You may feel the brain is buzzing, especially with toothpaste. Don't take the sonic toothbrush dealer out of your mouth.Since it's acoustic, the sound will be very soft, not like a rotary with a big speaker, listen to the volume of my roommate's rotary electric toothbrush company, two seconds of surprise.

Electric toothbrush rotation speed can reach nearly 38,000 times/minute. There are six modes in total, such as start/clean/stain removal/massage/separate care/customized care. It is suggested to try the morning sonic toothbrush dealer and evening separate care mode, which is a surprise.The battery life can reach 55-70 days, and the electric toothbrush can be easily used when you go home or travel during the Spring Festival.

Brushing our sonic toothbrush dealer will be with us for the rest of our lives. There is no denying that technology is advancing. Maybe in a few years, a new product will come out to replace the electric toothbrush, and then there will be universal electric toothbrush.But say to come back, do not go to buy the kind of ten, dozens of dollars of IQ tax toothbrush, purely pay tuition fees!If you don't know which electric toothbrush trader to buy, you're welcome to try out my two electric toothbrushes, or check out what people say in the store's comments section first.

Naturally, the greater friction of the turning, also electric toothbrush trader means that the cleaning capability is stronger.To control force as well as avoid damage when you sonic toothbrush trader, progressed electrical toothbrushes are also outfitted with pressure sensing units to prevent you from pressing also hard.Another thing to look out for with an electric tooth brush is the bristles.When I was using normal sonic toothbrush trader tooth brushes, I observed a sensation that in supermarkets, all the low-price rows with free of charge average electric toothbrush company have bristles of the previous kind, however the last does not show up.


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