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How to buy an electric toothbrush

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When purchasing, try to purchase electric toothbrushes with complete label information through formal channels. Avoid buying "three No" products without product name information, brand model and warning.The appropriate electric toothbrush should be selected according to the user's age and dental condition.Children should choose a child electric toothbrush.If the user's teeth are more sensitive, the brush head with soft bristles can be selected to reduce damage to teeth and gums.Try to choose electric toothbrushes that can provide a variety of working modes. In the initial use, it is not suitable to use the strong working mode, but to start using the soft working mode, so that the teeth have a period of adaptation.The size of the user's mouth should be fully considered, and the selected brush head should not be too large.If the brush head is too large, it will be difficult to move around the mouth and fully clean the different parts of the teeth.Pay attention to the functions of the electric toothbrush, such as intelligent time reminder function, pressure sensing function, low power reminder function, etc.The length of brushing time is directly related to the cleaning effect of teeth, so some electric toothbrush products add a time reminder function, generally every 30 seconds to remind the user to change the location of brushing, and ensure that the user brushing time is not less than 2 minutes.Some users have trouble controlling the pressure the electric toothbrush exerts on their teeth.Too much pressure can cause the bristles to wear down your teeth and damage your gums.Therefore, some electric toothbrushes have added a pressure sensing function, which automatically reduces the vibration frequency of the toothbrush when detecting excessive pressure on the teeth, reducing the damage to the teeth.Some electric toothbrushes will appear low power reminder when the battery is low, such as the warning light flashing, warning sound, prompting users to timely charge.

Because the vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is too fast, sometimes gently leaning on the gums, will feel to a burst of sour and soft.Discomfort is only one thing. There is no doubt that gums are also affected.The way to prevent this is to make the top of the electric toothbrush bristles round, rather than letting the bristles stick to the gums immediately.Buy a soft toothbrush, buy accessories electric toothbrush head, all need to pay attention to the arc of the toothbrush.What say is in among them how many accounts for the tooth brush hair, the top of the head is round.It is proposed to buy an electric toothbrush head with no less than 70% arc. A good toothbrush head can achieve more than 90% of the effect.

Today, electric toothbrushes do a lot of things, such as: pressure-induced prompts, automatic timing, self-set vibration frequency, self-set brushing time, and so on.After the popularity of smart home system, electric toothbrush is also changing the role of the flower.For example, using a mobile phone to check oral health status (that is, whether brushing frequency and time are healthy), and automatically prompt to remove and replace the head of an electric toothbrush.This effect cannot be said to be ineffective, but it is not necessary.If you like some kind of action, cost budget is abundant again get words, can choose.But if cost budget is more limited, do not choose to also be ok.

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