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How to choose a good electric toothbrush?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-08      Origin: Site

As for the standby time, waterproof function (some small network red brand even waterproof do not do well), all kinds of modes, basically a factory can do, give you the chip to adjust the speed, this is the core technology? Many big V recommended electric toothbrush said, look, this product is too convenient, I used for half a year without charging, cleaning mode is too many. Now big-name electric toothbrushes can only be charged once a month at most. Yes, the small Internet celebrity brand does not need to charge for half a year, of course, its battery cost accounts for 50% of the product cost, can you use the core motor and brush expensive? Are they doing charity and not making money? We can go to search the rise of network red small brand electric toothbrush in recent years, all kinds of problems emerge in endlessly, at the beginning of the new free, over the warranty period will only be paid for repair, do not want to customer service all kinds of reply slow ah, let you wait ah, a couple of hundred things WE are buying to find pain? I also fix two or three hundred things every six months, which could buy a new electric toothbrush.

In addition, I want to give you a little oral knowledge, cleaning the tongue coating is also a necessary step of oral cleaning and brushing teeth, but I read a lot of answers and few people mentioned this. It is easy to cause bad breath if coating on the tongue does not accumulate for a long time. Love to eat spicy or stomach bad, or teeth tooth decay/periodontal disease/wisdom teeth could use electric toothbrush to brush the teeth every day will think oral is not very clean, oily, I was so, so every time I finish brush teeth will then use the tongue coating plate scraping the tongue, as long as I ate, so something heavy taste, such as hot pot, basic can hang out below thick tongue coating. I really recommend that all adults have a tongue coating board. It's as simple as brushing your teeth and then scraping twice a day. (Many electric toothbrushes do this, but I find it a little gross.)

A product is judged by its usefulness, not its price. Therefore, to evaluate the electric toothbrush, we should first make clear what kind of toothbrush is a good electric toothbrush, what are the standards for the electric toothbrush to use, and then evaluate whether the cheap electric toothbrush you use is easy to use from these dimensions. If you buy a toothbrush with an attitude of "whatever works" or "expensive is good", you may end up buying the wrong toothbrush, which can lead to oral problems over time.

Rotating mechanical electric toothbrush can remove dental plaque and other dirt through high-speed friction by rotating the brush head, with high cleaning efficiency and good cleaning effect. However, high speed friction teeth will inevitably wear, so for gingival sensitive, the strong friction caused by electric toothbrush will cause discomfort, and even cause bleeding gums.

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