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How to choose children's electric toothbrush?

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First of all, you should know this little science knowledge: electric toothbrushes are mainly divided into two kinds, one is a rotary electric toothbrush, and the other is a vibrating (acoustic) electric toothbrush.Let's remember: theoretically speaking, the rotary electric toothbrush is cleaner for the tooth surface, but the wear on the tooth surface is also larger;Vibrating electric toothbrush is through high frequency vibration, the toothpaste into a large number of tiny bubbles, bubbles burst when the pressure can go deep into the teeth to clean dirt.

For children's electric toothbrush, it is recommended to choose vibration type (that is, acoustic vibration type) electric toothbrush, it is not recommended to choose rotary electric toothbrush, mainly because the rotary electric toothbrush is larger on the tooth surface wear, and the sound is larger, and some children are also afraid.(This is a deep experience, the first electric toothbrush bought for a child is rotary, the result of the use of the vibration feeling is strong, she said that the teeth sour, tooth pain, may also be related to her bad teeth, so the electric toothbrush has been used as an ordinary toothbrush).

Then focus on the following aspects to refer to the selection of children's electric toothbrush: 1. Look at the safety:To involve the children use the product or food, the safety of the national standard requirement is very strict, theoretically listed sell electric toothbrush will be testing through the national safety standards, such as the material is safe (poisonous and harmful substance test report, etc.), durability, security (such as electric toothbrush neck easily broken?And so on, these involve the safety of the point, can pay more attention to when buying.2, look at the brand: try to choose well-known brands, children's electric toothbrush is recommended to choose imported well-known brands as far as possible, the protagonist because children's products have higher safety requirements, in all aspects of the manufacturer put forward higher requirements, the use of more assured.3, look at the electric toothbrush bristle and brush head: first look at the brush brand (preferably the United States DuPont, Japan Toray), and then look at the grinding rate size, why grinding rate is so important, we must pay attention to it?For children's electric toothbrush, protect tender sensitive teeth and gums is far more important than the brush clean, and is in direct contact with the teeth and gums at the top of the electric toothbrush, especially for rapid vibration frequency electric toothbrush, brush brush Mao Ruguo is more sharp, or have burrs, can easily lead to children when brushing your teeth, bleeding gums and tooth enamel wear.

Electric toothbrush head grinding rate:So-called grinding rate, in fact, the electric toothbrush sharp burr removing, MAO's front end at the same time maintain a rounded transition, rounded rate is higher, the better, the children's electric toothbrush grinding rate of grinding rate is 70% or higher, and an adult is 50% or higher, although electric toothbrush rounded rate this thing our naked eye look not to come out, but as your focus, you think so fine,And only the quality of the famous big factory can be guaranteed, right?

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