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How to choose children's electric toothbrush

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There are two main types of electric toothbrushes: one is rotary and the other is vibrating. The rotary surface cleaning is cleaner, but the surface of the teeth wear more; Vibration-type toothpaste uses high-frequency vibrations to break the toothpaste into tiny bubbles, creating pressure that can penetrate deep into the teeth to clean dirt.


For children's electric toothbrush, it is recommended to choose vibration (that is, sound wave vibration), it is not recommended to choose rotary, mainly because of the rotary wear on the tooth surface, and the sound is larger, some children are afraid. I have a deep experience. The first automatic sonic toothbrush I bought for my child was a rotary toothbrush, but she felt a strong vibration when using it. She said her teeth were sour and painful, which might be related to her bad teeth.


Then focus on the following aspects to refer to the selection of electric toothbrush for kids:


1, see security: to involve the children use the product or food, the safety of the national standard requirement is very strict, theoretically listed for sale toothbrush should be through the national safety standards, such as the material is safe (poisonous and harmful substance test report, etc.), durability, security (such as toothbrush neck easily broken? And so on, these involve safety point, can pay more attention to when buying.


2, brand: try to choose well-known brands, children's electric toothbrush is recommended to try to choose imported well-known brands, the protagonist because of higher safety requirements for children products, in all aspects of the manufacturers are put forward higher requirements, more assured in the use.


3, look at the bristle and brush head: first look at the bristle brand, then look at the size of the rounding rate, why the rounding rate is so important, we must pay attention to it? For children's toothbrush, protect tender sensitive teeth and gums is far more important than the brush clean, and direct contact with the teeth and gums is the top of the brush, especially for rapid vibration frequency electronic toothbrush.

Brush head bristle rounded rate: the so-called grinding rate, is the sharp burr removing, bristle's front end at the same time maintain a rounded transition, rounded rate is higher, the better, the electric toothbrush for children grinding rate of grinding rate is 70% or higher, and an adult is 50% or higher, although this trifle rounded rate our naked eye look not to come out, but as your focus, you think about such a delicate work, also can only be guaranteed the quality of the well-known companies, right?


4, look at the vibration frequency: to consider each baby's constitution is different, the sensitive degree of baby gums is also different, some baby gums are sensitive, brushing is easy to bleed, at this time the amplitude of the toothbrush needs to be gentle; Some babies saliva containing calcium content is relatively high, it is easy to form dental calculus, at this time the amplitude need to be larger; Now good quality electric toothbrushes have amplitude adjustment, the general are three (whitening, sensitive and ordinary), so, it is recommended to choose an adjustable, according to the child's situation to adjust.


5, look at the number of standard brush head and brush head price: the more the better, after all, a single buy is dozens, generally a single price between 19-69, brush head 3-4 months a change, so this is also to be considered: economy/cost performance.


6. Battery life, charging mode, water resistance, timing Settings, etc. Personally, these are not very important, just your choice.

Endurance: Different products range from 7 to 100 days

Charge way: see the individual like cough up, the individual thinks not too big difference;

Waterproof: generally washable;

2 minutes timer: Basic function, most electric toothbrushes have.

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