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How to treat children and children using electric toothbrush?

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-12      Origin: Site

The child has been more than 31 months, and is interested in electric toothbrush recently. In addition, ordinary toothbrush always feels that other toothbrush is not clean enough to help brush teeth. The child is not cooperative enough.

Although electric toothbrushes are convenient and efficient, they are not suitable for all children. The children's electric toothbrush on the market is mainly divided into two types: one is the ordinary children's electric toothbrush with cartoon elements, and the other is the U silicone electric toothbrush.

In response to the question "How old is a child allowed to use an electric toothbrush?" This problem, there is no unified, exact view, each brand recommended the use of age is also different. This is not really blame parents and friends confused, a head two big. Our tech researcher Little Brother spent a lot of time doing his homework and came up with a list of tips for using a "kids' electric toothbrush." Let's talk about the "children's electric toothbrush".

1. Preschool: Unnecessary and not recommended children have different characteristics, cognition, interest points and behavior habits at different ages. Preschool, that is, children under 6 years old, his fingers and wrists are not fully developed, the degree of flexibility is not enough, can not make fine movements, manual brushing can improve and promote the children's gap movement ability. Some parents said that their children brush their teeth in the morning and evening every day; Other parents give their children electric toothbrushes early, but none of them end up with cavities or cavities. At a time when parents should be "doing it all," don't expect kids to be able to do it all by themselves. We should take advantage of this golden period to develop good brushing habits and correct brushing methods. If your child is particularly resistant to brushing his teeth, choose a cartoon character he likes and use an electric toothbrush to stimulate his interest in brushing after the baby teeth (age 3 and older).

When the transition to the stage of "assisted brushing by parents" is smooth, children at this time will have a strong autonomy and imitation, prefer to be praised and encouraged, eager to get the attention and recognition of parents. The family environment is an important factor affecting their daily behavior, and the active participation of mom and dad will not let the cultivation of brushing habit give up half way. For example, the whole family can use electric toothbrush to brush their teeth at a fixed time. Conclusion: In the preschool stage, in order to develop the habit of independent brushing and correct brushing method, it is not recommended to use electric toothbrush when it is not necessary.

Beginning at the age of 6, children have entered the tooth replacement period. Some parents worry: Will the vibrating frequency of electric toothbrushes be too high to affect the normal loss of baby teeth? Although there is no scientific conclusion on this point, we can compare two sets of data -- the first is the common children's electric toothbrush, which is basically the same brand as the adult electric toothbrush. We refer to the vibration frequency claimed by the two details pages and find that it is not different from the adult electric toothbrush.

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