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How to use electric toothbrush to place at ordinary times?

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I believe that many friends have also encountered electric toothbrush mildew, black spots, this is due to the electric toothbrush body silicone and other materials, in a wet environment for a long time, the appearance of rubber plastic aging, mildew, black spots.Electric toothbrush although waterproof performance is good, but has been in a wet environment will not only have mildew spots on the appearance, the use of electric toothbrush performance, appearance and quality will cause a bad impact.The bottom of the electric toothbrush is the charging port, if placed in a cup with water for a long time, it is likely to affect the charging speed, resulting in very slow charging.In particular, some poor quality electric toothbrushes may also cause water, internal circuit failure or even scrap.

As we know, electric toothbrush is a tool for cleaning teeth. Reasonably using electric toothbrush can better care for the health of teeth and promote blood circulation of gums, which is more conducive to the absorption of drugs.The electric toothbrush consists of a dry battery, a miniature DC motor, a battery box, a toothbrush head, a metal guard plate and a sleeve. It belongs to electronic products, which means that the electric toothbrush will also fail.So what are the two common problems with electric toothbrushes?Let's take a look.

It's also a good idea to store your electric toothbrush in a storage box.Some electric toothbrush brands, such as a brand of electric toothbrush, will be equipped with a storage box, convenient storage and display, but also play the role of moisture isolation.

How to use electric toothbrush to place at ordinary times?Storage box is a good choice electric toothbrush how to place?Place it in a dry and ventilated place as far as possible, or put it in a storage box after wiping off moisture.It is very important to choose the right place to store and place. It can avoid mildew and bad performance. A certain brand of electric toothbrush can protect your oral health.

Electric toothbrush is short of power. The power of electric toothbrush is too low to drive the motor to work.So there will be electric toothbrush indicator light, electric toothbrush can not vibrate.2, electric toothbrush brush head and body stuck in this situation is generally not properly installed brush head, or with the original brush head, resulting in inappropriate, brush head and body stuck phenomenon.Wei Jie intelligent advice, electric toothbrush must use the original brush head.

The light is on and does not vibrate.Reset key one key to repair the fault, restart, so that the software and motor to restart the factory before the working state.In short, electric toothbrush is more expensive, the correct use, can prolong the service life of electric toothbrush, at the same time, more need to pay attention to daily maintenance, not to save money, use and electric toothbrush not suitable components.Using electric toothbrush, even never use electric toothbrush is not pap method of brushing your teeth, brush brush your teeth are just 2 minutes at a time can achieve the same cleaning effect, only half the time required, and can insist on every day by the pap brush method, must have perseverance.

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