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How to use the water flosser gracefully?

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Using blunt teeth next to the sink when he bent over and put the nozzle in the first mouth, then open the switch, don't look at mirror will impact splash, using blunt teeth more is by feeling, practice makes perfect, remember and use it every time you try to close your lips and mouth don't grow up, let the mouth of the water flosser to flow naturally, nozzle along the gums, internal and external position on both sides, You can rotate the handle to adjust the Angle when pressing the inside of the tooth.

I emphasized before slide to slide to brush my teeth, really will wash teeth with water flosser to wedge total loss, I recommend brushing your teeth when the tooth is divided into six regions, the outer edge of the upper jaw, the inside of the upper jaw and occlusal surface, let's eat the occlusal surface it is very important, you will find our right often bad tooth, the age of six is the teeth, And this tooth is often very bad, so usually when you wash your teeth with an water flosser, you should also brush this bite surface. Under blunt teeth with an water flosser, said, I want to say is, water flosser than manual dental floss, its clean strength is very strong, and is more efficient to history, accustomed to the water flosser, after you back to the manual, you will be very not accustomed to, I believe that many people thought accomplished after brushing teeth, will be over, don't think too simple, Every time we brush our teeth, we have to use this flusher. This floss is cleaning our teeth twice, because many of the food particles in the gap can not be brushed. Then we use this flusher again. You think you're done washing your teeth with a water flosser? No, the next step is to put on this protectors, I use this cotton swab to get a little bit of it, put it on the surface of our teeth, especially some teeth demineralization for orthodontics, people who often have cavities can use it, it can repair the enamel of our teeth, let him re-mineralization! How to use it: Apply it, apply it to the teeth for three minutes, then hold water flosser, we can use this time to wash the face, efficient use of time! Insist on using the three methods to protect teeth, teeth we really will be very healthy, there will be no so much gum atrophy, bleeding gums, and demineralization of condition, and then finally want to say with you, actually we noon meal is also to brush your teeth every day, every time is to wash my teeth gargle with water flosser after the meal, and recommend orthodontic baby is this protection wax, A lot of people will be torn and mangled by this braces, you pick up this together stick to the place where the braces scraped will not be torn and mangled, do not be stupid to be scraped, there are mouth ulcers, you have to prepare a bottle of iodine glycerin can go to the drugstore to buy, should be ten dollars a bottle.I hope you find your own water flosser.

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