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I'm lazy and I don't brush my teeth properly so the electric toothbrush is a real boon.

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An ordinary toothbrush, combined with the right brushing method, will also work well but!!I'm lazy and I don't brush my teeth properly so the electric toothbrush is a real boon.

Because of my sensitive teeth, I will carefully choose a common toothbrush and use it together. But most of the time, I will mainly use electric toothbrush for a few months. I must change the brush head!

Why use an electric toothbrush?The answer is to brush your teeth and keep them healthy and clean.So what is brushing your teeth?Brushing is an important self oral health care method to remove dental plaque, soft dirt and food residue with electric toothbrush and keep oral cavity clean.It is also the most important means for people to self-remove plaque and prevent the occurrence, development and recurrence of periodontal disease.

Electric toothbrush is just a tool, can not rely on too much, attitude and method is the most important.An ordinary hand toothbrush can also achieve excellent results.Electric toothbrushes simply lower the bar for brushing your teeth, making it easier and easier, and the effect varies from person to person.It's not that a weak electric toothbrush is useless.Daily care of better teeth, the surface is smooth, weak toothbrush can also clean.With plaque and stones attached to the tooth, the surface is similar to the paste model, and the cleaning effect of the electric toothbrush will be greatly reduced.The structure of the brush head has a great influence on the cleaning effect. The fine and soft brush hair of electric toothbrush is easy to penetrate the gingival crevice and between teeth, while the rough and hard brush head is difficult to do. The forced brushing seam will also damage the fragile gums and even damage the enamel.

The reason that an electric toothbrush is more effective than a regular toothbrush is that the acoustic electric toothbrush vibrates so much more frequently than a manual toothbrush that it is about 125 times more efficient in the same amount of brushing time.And the high-frequency vibration of an electric toothbrush creates a rush of water that washes debris from between teeth (as with a toothbrush).This is one area where a manual toothbrush can't do it in any way.Electric toothbrush is divided into rotary type and acoustic type. The noise of rotary type is larger and the damage to teeth is relatively large, but the cleaning effect is relatively strong. Good partners of teeth can consider starting with rotary type.Most electric toothbrush on the market today are acoustic, which is mild.There are many brands of electric toothbrushes.

The rounding rate of the bristles of the electric toothbrush is extremely critical in all aspects that affect the experience and effect.If the bristles are not rounder enough, they will not only fail to make our teeth healthier, but may even damage our teeth and make them more sensitive.(The national standard is no less than 50% of adult electric toothbrush, and no less than 70% of children's electric toothbrush.) Noise is also an important parameter for me to choose electric toothbrush. If the noise is too loud, it is easy to disturb my sleeping roommates.

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