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If it is the first time to use the water flosser

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If it is the first time to use the water flosser, occasionally there is gingiva bleeding, after use 3~4 times, no longer has this situation, then it is normal.In general, there will be an application process when using a water flosser. At the beginning, the teeth and gums will be more sensitive. After the application period, you will get used to water flosser.The main reasons for gingival bleeding after the use of the water flosser are as follows: 1. The water pressure of the water flosser is too large or the operation is improper. It is recommended to select a water flosser with the right water pressure gear according to your tooth tolerance.For the first time, try the water pressure at the lowest gear.2, gingival is more sensitive, have periodontitis to see if you usually brush your teeth, whether the gingival bleeding, to see if the periodontitis is serious, in serious cases of periodontitis, it is not recommended to use the water flosser, or please go to the hospital to diagnose and treat the periodontitis.3. There are dental stones or plaque, and after the water flosser out, there is occasional bleeding. Some dental stones are attached to the gums and teeth, which is similar to the water flosser.The water flosser itself is a good thing, the first time to use, there will be some not used to, generally use 1 to 2 weeks, then adapt to.When using a toothbrush, two points must be remembered: 1. Use the appropriate toothbrush according to your own tooth conditions and needs. As for how to buy a toothbrush, I recommend you to see this article, which describes in detail some important aspects of choosing a toothbrush.2, the correct use of the water flosser

Strictly comply with the operation specifications of the water flosserr, do not flush the teeth for too long or too frequently, use it about 2 times a day after eating, and it is recommended to use it within 1 minute each time.

Obviously, the water impact alone cannot replace the toothbrush's ability to remove stubborn stains by rubbing and vibrating, so the toothbrush is only a supplementary tool to help clean the areas that the toothbrush cannot clean.At the same time, it is not like professional dental instruments, through the high-frequency vibration effect of ultrasound to remove calculus, plaque and color and polish the tooth surface.The function of the water flosser is more to prevent the residue from fermentation and proliferation by bacteria through daily cleaning, which leads to inflammation and calcification into dental calculus.2. What is the experience of life with a water flosser?If you already have braces, whether wire braces or invisible braces, the essential daily maintenance is: electric toothbrush + fluoride toothpaste + water flosser.Every day after meals or in the evening, carefully clean the teeth, thoroughly wash the teeth with the water flosser, otherwise the cleaning is not in place, food residue stuck in the accessories, it is easy to cause tooth decay.

They do not wear braces. It is also suggested that we learn to daily dental maintenance. When we are in middle and old age, we still have a good mouth.After all, it really costs too much money to set teeth. Let me share with you my daily water flosser. It is a brand from the United States, the originator of water flosser, and the first water flosser brand in the world.

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