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If you can afford orthodontics, you can afford water flosser.

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If you can afford orthodontics, you can afford water flosser.There is no one who has used it but said yes.So this is a question from a friend who hasn't used Water Flosser yet, and is hesitating about whether or not to try it.1. Water flosser isn't a consumer necessity, it's an optional consumer product.What is a consumer necessity?It is daily necessities such as firewood, rice, oil and salt, toilet paper, water and so on. We cannot live without them.What is an optional consumer product?It refers to the consumer goods that can improve your life besides essential consumption after you become rich, such as luxury goods such as cars, designer bags and watches.

If toothbrush is a consumer necessity, then water flosser is a consumer option. Using water flosser doesn't mean you don't brush your teeth.Toothbrush and water flosser are not an alternative, nor are they opposites.Water flosser is less efficient at cleaning than a toothbrush, so it's a waste of water.Water flosser is never compared to a toothbrush.

Water Flosser: It can be used to clean the adjacent and subgingival surfaces, as well as the labiobuccal and glossopalatine gingival crevices. The cleaning range is wide, but the price is higher than floss and interdental brush.It's also easy to use.Sometimes, if the teeth are in close contact with the plugs, water flosser can not completely solve the plugs, and can not completely replace flossing.Using qualified water flosser does not damage the gums.

Water flosser is a water spout, but it's technical.Spraying tools are small spray guns, large high-pressure spray guns used to extinguish the fire.To achieve the best cleaning effect in any physiological environment of the mouth, let's take a look at the technical content of Water Flosser.1. Significance of pulse pressure 2. Significance of water pressure Safety is the premise for the promotion of water flosser.

A lot of water flosser doesn't feel that much pressure.Many Taobao faucets, known as "water flosser," are risky.It is also reminded that the use of water flosser should be gradually increased from the lower gear, so as to prevent the gums with inflammation from being damaged due to too much pressure at the beginning, and the gums may bleed or even be torn.If Water Flosser is generally useful to the average person, some special people will benefit more from using it.1. People with uneven teeth have uneven teeth, and the difficulty of brushing will increase. The inside and out of the teeth will make it easier for food debris to hide.Water Flosser is a great addition to the potentially filthy crevasses that can be found in your teeth. It's a great way to make sure that you don't clean your teeth properly and that you don't clean your teeth properly and that you have no place to hide.

2. Orthodontic patients;A study found that brushing in combination with water flosser was effective in maintaining oral hygiene and reducing plaque during orthodontics.Sharma et al. randomly divided patients wearing fixed orthodontic appliance into 3 groups, and found that the maintenance effect of tooth brushing combined with the use of water flosser (orthodontic nozzle) group was better for oral hygiene.

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