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Insist to brush your teeth with electric toothbrush, can teeth become whiter really?

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To the electric toothbrush can whiten teeth, cold light whitening, front tooth beauty crown, porcelain veneer repair and so on the price has already come!!

Due to the presence of a variety of bacteria on the surface of teeth, they secrete many sticky substances on the surface of teeth. External stains can be removed by brushing, cleaning, and polishing.So maybe this is the real reason why my roommate's teeth turned yellow after using an electric toothbrush for 4 months!An electric toothbrush doesn't whiten your teeth. It could just be your roommate's use of an electric toothbrush to remove the plaque from his teeth that had been saved by not brushing properly.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably after meals.If you do not stick to the Pap method with a manual toothbrush, you will reduce the effectiveness of brushing.An electric toothbrush is recommended.Experiments have shown that electric toothbrushes remove 38% more plaque than manual ones, and their ability to clean teeth has been praised by dental experts.

If you look closely at your teeth, is the line between the gum and the tooth a little yellowish?If you drink or smoke regularly, do you have coffee-colored stains on your teeth?For these people, the electric toothbrush can indeed make the teeth a little whiter, of course, the electric toothbrush is not from the fundamental white.But part of the reason why children's teeth are yellow like glutinous rice is because we don't clean our teeth enough.

If you want to have healthy and clean teeth, you should still choose an electric toothbrush.Because common people's teeth slightly yellow life has no impact, but decay and other problems can not be cured.So it's important to have a good cleaning routine.The polishing mode of the electric toothbrush is to reduce the roughness of the tooth surface, so that it looks bright and flat, and the naked eye will look a little shiny and bright white.

Of electric toothbrush rectified the use, feeling good, but there won't be obvious, such as white teeth, but can clearly sense out of the brush is clean than before hand, be more powerful strength, so economic permits or suggestion of an electric toothbrush, like me, the teeth, really afraid of no money protecting the old want to eat a lot of hardships.

I also had a year with electric toothbrush often brush cooperate whitening toothpaste cough up still have a bit of effect the credit that is not electric toothbrush nevertheless just says can brush more clean and convenient just.

As long as you pay attention to brushing your teeth at ordinary times, whether it is electric toothbrush or ordinary toothbrush, you can improve the yellow teeth to some extent, but the effect of using electric toothbrush is more obvious, and the cleaning ability is stronger.My boyfriend's teeth are very yellow, a boy, usually sloppy, and a little bad breath, later told him many times, he bought the main men's special electric toothbrush, but after using the effect is pretty good, strong cleaning force, much better than before, not a mouth a mouthful of rhubarb teeth.This electric toothbrush has also been recommended by China quality News Network, so the quality must be no problem.

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