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Intensity of electric toothbrush is fierce, can be used for a long time wear tooth or harm gum?

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-17      Origin: Site

1. Whitening excessive anxiety clean, tooth injury caused by modern people often seek efficiency, particularly women, has a serious on teeth whitening anxiety, a lot of girls in order to achieve rapid whitening effect, regardless of their dental health situation, just choose the earthquake frequency high, brush hard electric toothbrush, little imagine, teeth whitening is not one or two days can achieve, The more the pursuit of strong performance, strong cleaning force, the greater the loss of teeth. 2. The following selection is not suitable for their own brand in Europe and America, tooth injury caused by electric toothbrush in domestic popularity from began to slowly growth over the past few years, many people don't know how to choose the electric toothbrush, is worship of foreigners think foreign brand must be better than domestic electric toothbrush, actually the target population to an electric toothbrush in foreign countries mainly for European and American market, The quality of teeth is fundamentally different from that of Chinese people. Following the trend of choosing foreign brands will put too much load on teeth, resulting in tooth injury. 3. Buy inferior electric toothbrush, dental injury caused by some people when the choose and buy an electric toothbrush itself is not rigorous, keen on gaining petty advantages bought inferior electric toothbrush, motor, they did not meet the standard and technical craftsmanship, brush, manufactured in a random set of vibration frequency and unstable motor, teeth and gums have brought great loss, is bound to cause injury.

If you brush your teeth with the wrong electric toothbrush, if you brush too hard and the bristles are in deep contact with the gums, your gums may be damaged. This can lead to bleeding. However, according to the normal use of a toothbrush,electric toothbrush cleaning is better than manual toothbrush, this is indisputable. Because we eat after use, teeth will breed some bacteria, and there will be dental plaque formation on the surface of the teeth, after a long time of pushing and not effective cleaning, will form dental stones. Some of the best electric toothbrush now have an intelligent pressure sensing system. If you brush too hard and squeeze your teeth, there will be a warning light, and it will reduce the vibration frequency to play a protective role.

Brush teeth hard for a long time, whether manual or electric toothbrush teeth pain sooner or later, don't blame the electric toothbrush, but good! I have been using electric toothbrush for more than three years, and it has been no problem. Compared with manual brushing, I always feel that the brush is not clean, licking the side of the tooth will feel astringent, but using electric toothbrush will not have such a good feeling, it is very smooth! If you don't know how to use an electric toothbrush, you can learn the Method of pasteurization, mainly to learn the Angle and posture, and then use the electric toothbrush to brush your teeth, gently stick on the surface of the teeth, do not need to brush back and forth, let alone pulling teeth, so as to make the teeth healthier!

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