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Is a Smart toothbrush worth it?

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When selecting an appropriate electrical toothbrush, the adhering to points should be kept in mind: The Chinese residents' oral health guidelines promote making use of electrical toothbrush with the following features: ① The brush head is tiny, so that it can rotate openly in the oral cavity (specifically in the rear of the mouth); ② The sonic toothbrush bristles are organized moderately, usually 10 to 12 bundles long and also 3 to 4 packages broad, electric toothbrush supplier as well as there is a certain distance in between the packages, which is not just for reliable oral cleansing sonic toothbrush, but additionally simple to cleanse the electric tooth brush itself;) the bristles are soft, the bristles are of proper length, and the bristles are rounded and also blunt to stay clear of the damages of the teeth and also gum tissues triggered by the electrical tooth brush; ④ The size and also size of the electric toothbrush supplier manage are moderate, and it has an anti-slip style, to ensure that it is convenient to hold and really feel comfy.

As we know, electric toothbrush is a tool for cleaning teeth. Reasonably using electric toothbrush can better care for the health of teeth and promote blood circulation of gums, which is more conducive to the absorption of drugs.The toothbrushes electric consists of a dry battery, a miniature DC motor, a battery box, a toothbrush head, a metal guard plate and a sleeve. It belongs to electronic products, which means that the electric toothbrush will also fail.So what are the two common problems with electric toothbrushes?Let's take a look.

1, the battery installed in reverse if just bought the toothbrushes electric press the open button no reaction, may be the battery installed in reverse, carefully check the positive and negative of the battery, sonic toothbrush supplier  generally installed in the battery area will have a prompt battery positive and negative.2, the battery is dead may be because the electric toothbrush company has not been charged for a long time, if it is the use of battery electric toothbrush, it should be the battery is dead, remember to charge the electric toothbrush company or replace the battery.3. The rotating area is stuck. If it is because the connection between the toothbrush head and the toothbrushes electric is stuck, remove the toothbrush head to see if it can rotate.4. If the switch or internal components are damaged, it is not recommended to repair the electric toothbrush, or send it to the after-sales service for repair. If you do not want to repair, you can only buy an electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrush is short of power. The power of sonic electric toothbrush is too low to drive the motor to work.So there will be electric toothbrush indicator light, electric toothbrush can not vibrate.2, electric toothbrush brush head and body stuck in this situation is generally not properly installed brush head, or with the original sonic toothbrush trader brush head, resulting in inappropriate, brush head and body stuck phenomenon.Wei Jie intelligent advice, sonic toothbrush supplier must use the original brush head.The solution is to first put the brush head, pull out, and then inserted back, to see whether the vibration.The second is to choose and buy the appropriate brush head.3, sonic electric toothbrush circuit board water main board or line, contact with water.The motor is unable to start.And the LED indicator is not affected, can still turn on the light.4,electric toothbrush vendor failure due to the design of electric toothbrush trader is relatively precise, the combination of soft and hard, there may be software bugs, or crash.The light is on and does not vibrate.Reset key one key to repair the fault, restart, so that the software and motor to restart the factory before the working state.In short, electric toothbrush is more expensive, the correct use, can prolong the service life of sonic electric toothbrush, at the same time, In fact, a lot of people who don't buy electric toothbrushes are stuck at this point, and can't seem to find enough excuses to convince themselves to buy a machine for brushing their teeth.But we actually have a lot of cleaning blind spots in our teeth, and our mouth is limited in space and it doesn't move up and down very much when you go in and clean sonic toothbrush vendor , it doesn't completely clean it.According to a dentist survey, the side of the last upper sonic electric toothbrush on both sides of the tooth is the most common area of decay in 70 percent of adults. The reason is that it is too innermost for ordinary toothbrushes to clean.But if you use an electric toothbrush dealer, its sonic toothbrush vendor vibration frequency is very high, and the vibration amplitude is not large, deep into the back tooth space is relatively small place can also be very good for cleaning.In addition, some studies have shown that the risk of dental plaque and gingivitis is much lower after using an electric toothbrush bulk.If we have an sonic toothbrush dealer and keep brushing for more than two minutes at a time, our teeth will be very white and healthy.

Then the biggest difference between kids electric toothbrush and ordinary toothbrush is that the electric toothbrush dealer relies on motor to generate power, while the ordinary toothbrush relies on manual power, and the sonic toothbrush agency needs to be charged before it can be used, while the ordinary toothbrush does not need to be charged.On the other hand, the electric toothbrush does not need to float back and forth by hand when it is in use, while the ordinary toothbrush needs to be brushed by hand. The vibration frequency of the electric toothbrush is relatively high, and the effect of removing dental plaque and tartar is better, while the ordinary toothbrush can only barely maintain the daily sonic toothbrush agency tooth cleaning.When using the kids electric toothbrush, we basically do not need to use their own force, so it is just the right force control.But the strength of the ordinary electric toothbrush wholesale toothbrush is completely controlled by their own, I believe that we will usually have their own gum bleeding.

Last,we need to pay attention to some of the parameters of the electric toothbrush when we buy the sonic toothbrush bulk, such as its battery life, cleaning strength and the use time of the bristles. These are more important and directly affect our subsequent use.1. Battery life Most of the electric toothbrushes on the market can last about 60~100 days, which depends on the frequency of each person using the electric toothbrush. For example, some people just brush their teeth morning and evening, and some people may alternately use the ordinary toothbrush and the electric toothbrush manufacturer.2, cleaning force most of the automatic electric toothbrush wholesale toothbrush timing in two minutes, because the more scientific brushing time is two minutes, it is best not to more than two minutes, but less than two minutes is not up to the cleaning effect.Electric toothbrushes vibrate at slightly different rates from brand to brand, depending on which one is chosen.3. The bristle electric toothbrush also directly affects the effect of our brushing, and the soft, hard and thick of the bristles are exquisite.For younger or more sensitive gingival people, it is best to choose a soft electric toothbrush manufacturer bristle, and for frequent smoking, drinking tea on the teeth of the people with dental stains or dental calculus, use a hard bristle.In addition, there are many different shapes of electric toothbrush manufacturer bristles, such as flat head bristles and curved bristles.

Electric toothbrush does not need to be popularized, just like when smart phones came out, smart phones and non-smart phones will not exist in the choice of the fight, is the relationship of replacement.Sure, you might miss the innocent Nokia phone in 9012 today, but it's an emotional and temporary escape, because you can't live without your smart phone. Electric toothbrush is such a existence, regardless of the rotating friction electric toothbrush agency or ultrasonic vibrating electric toothbrush, always improve the efficiency of the cleaning, cooperate now smart vibration mode, timing reminder, even some brand electric toothbrush manufacturer  can also record a toothbrush to clean the Angle and position of the whether to prompt the brush teeth thoroughly, it's all in the experience of ascension to brush your teeth and efficiency.The electric toothbrush, on the other hand, is just an ordinary toothbrush.So what do you think the electric toothbrush, which is obviously an iterative product, should be compared to a regular toothbrush?That's it.Recommends two basic entry level electric toothbrushes, avoid advertising, you can choose big brands of electric toothbrushes, and they are the sales mainstay of their own, entry level directly mentioned big brands of mid-range models, if economic reasons can consider domestic electric toothbrushes, because I have not used, so I will not put the link here.

Almost two years, don't think of it as a family heirloom passed on from generation to generation, electric toothbrush manufacturer  pixel a certain is known to be too bad, even some of the international big wigs are also this urine.At present, the vast majority of electric toothbrushes end up in water leakage. The expensive ones can last more than two years, and the ones that can be maintained can be used for four or five years. It is not easy.Cheap,electric toothbrush factory  such as 100 yuan or less, waterproof performance is much worse.

I heard that qualified electric toothbrushes have to be processed by a copy machine before they leave the factory. This process takes about 24 hours, and then the products are completely immersed in water for more than 12 hours. They can only be put on the market after they are taken out for use.Cheap electric toothbrush, you want to do so strict treatment.Even if the better electric toothbrush factory  waterproof performance qualified, fully reached IPX7 level, with a 2 years or so most of the water leakage is what situation?This has to say that we have too much neglect of the daily maintenance of electric toothbrush.

Generally speaking, we don't all put electric toothbrush factory  in the bathroom, after all, brush your teeth when easy to get it is king ah.Toilet environment need not I say more, affirmation is wet, plus some comrades out of electric toothbrush, also don't know to wipe clean, receive, are generally not vertical storage, you remain above the saliva will follow the sonic toothbrush manufacturer brush holder in the bottom of the sealing ring, bacteria also, incidentally, and went in, accumulate over a long period, will corrode sealing ring, will naturally into the water.I've read a lot of posts on the forum about disassembling broken electric toothbrush, most of which show rotten seals.In addition, there is no dry and wet separation of the toilet, the water vapor produced when taking a bath will also have a certain impact, after all, electric toothbrush can waterproof, can not prevent water vapor ah!Have been protected do not pay to look for a manufacturer to repair, not cost-effective, like philips want oneself to pay the cost of 50% of the original price.

You can stroll around in a treasure, there are a lot of repair sonic toothbrush manufacturer , but also want to be careful by pit.If you have a strong hand, or learn to take the electric toothbrush apart to see if there is a problem with the battery for a change, and then the sealing ring, waterproof risk replacement sonic toothbrush factory will not be too difficult.

 (1) the professional grinding rate is called grinding, that is, the electric toothbrush bristles monofilament top contour to remove acute Angle, burr treatment, so that the top becomes smooth.Generally speaking, the rounding rate of adult electric toothbrush bristles shall not be less than 50%, and the rounding rate of children's electric toothbrush shall not be less than 70%.

(2) vibration mode, electric toothbrush has two ways of acoustic vibration and rotating friction.The former uses the high-speed vibration of the bristles to generate bubbles to impact the teeth, which is less stimulating sonic toothbrush factory to the gums and is suitable for people with sensitive teeth.The latter left and right rotation friction teeth, tooth stimulation is larger, suitable for people who are not so sensitive, and people who like to brush their teeth with electric toothbrush wholesale.

(3) Battery life, according to personal preferences, frequent charging may affect the experience of use.With all that said, it's time for anyway products that are easy to use.

At present, there are two kinds of mainstream electric toothbrushes on the market: 1. Sound wave electric toothbrush 2.Mechanical rotary electric toothbrush.Acoustic vibration electric toothbrush: Acoustic vibration electric toothbrush does not literally use "sound wave" to brush teeth, but refers to the electric toothbrush wholesalevibration frequency (31000 times /min) close to the speed of sound wave, so it is called acoustic vibration electric toothbrush.The characteristics of acoustic sonic toothbrush wholesale are mild. It generally utilizes the high-speed resonance of the sonic toothbrush wholesale bristles to generate bubbles to affect the teeth, and afterwards eliminates the particles between the teeth. The electric toothbrush agency sound is reduced and also it will certainly not create wonderful damage to the gums.More suitable for Eastern dental problems, orthodontic or use dental braces suggested to make use of acoustic electrical toothbrush. Mechanical rotating electric tooth brush: mostly through the electric toothbrush agency bristles of high-speed pendulum type friction to clean the teeth, cleaning capability is more powerful than the acoustic resonance electrical tooth brush, for getting rid of long-term alcohol consumption and also cigarette smoking yellow teeth impact is better.


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