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Is an electric toothbrush better than a manual toothbrush?

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Now there is more publicity about electric toothbrushes and they sell very well. At the same time, traditional hand toothbrushes still dominate the supermarket's oral cleansers, and most people still use them.


Some people wondered if all the articles about electric toothbrushes were purely marketing by electric toothbrush makers. There are also some people doubt that the electric toothbrush head looks so small, the range of movement is not big, really inside and outside are brushed clean? Will it harm the teeth and gums?


From a professional perspective, is an electric toothbrush really better than a manual one for oral health?


No matter how to brush, the method is the most important, and your persistence


The Dental recommends that we brush our teeth twice a day, morning and evening, and most people do.


However, the modified method recommended by dentists is a bit more complicated for the average person.


This technique requires "45°", "brush lightly on the teeth", "cover the gums a little", "horizontal short distance movement", etc. According to research, after learning this method, only no more than 30% of adults can stick to it for more than a week, and even fewer can stick to it for a long time .


What's more, manual brushing is often very casual, with some people rushing through the brush quickly. Dentists typically expect people to brush for two minutes, which improves the effectiveness of brushing by about 30 percent over a one-minute brush.


For most people, even if you emphasize the importance of brushing time, they will still brush for just over a minute.


Maybe an ordinary toothbrush will do just fine "brushing your teeth right," but there are a lot of lazy people out there, and chances are you're one of them.


Electric toothbrush, not just "manual toothbrush enhancement"


There are two basic types of mainstream electric toothbrushes on sale. One is rotary vibration, also known as left-right rotation; The other is the sonic wave.


Rotating vibration type is actually the high speed of the brush head clockwise, counterclockwise repeated rotation, some models also added the whole brush head high frequency back and forth oscillation. But the sonic wave type is not to use the acoustic wave to clean, but its movement frequency (more than 260 times per second) in the human ear can hear range, so the name.


In fact, from the working principle, the working mode of electric toothbrush, manual toothbrush in any case can not reach. Rotating vibration like automatic car wash, equivalent to a quick brush around the teeth in all directions; While the sonic toothbrush, although the use is similar to the manual, but its brush range and frequency is much larger than the manual.

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