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Is an electric toothbrush really cleaner than a regular toothbrush

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Is an electric toothbrush really cleaner than a regular toothbrush?A: An electric toothbrush is certainly cleaner than A manual toothbrush under the same conditions, but the problem is that people are lazy.Two days ago, I heard a girl make fun of her ex-boyfriend, saying that he only takes 10 seconds to brush his teeth, including squeezing the toothpaste.You can't brush clean like that.In fact, electric toothbrush has been very time saving, a work also 2 minutes, must not be lazy.Q: Is it true that electric toothbrushes don't hurt gums?A: No.First of all, the gums are not so fragile as you think. Brush twice a day for just a few minutes. As long as it is not violent brushing, it will not hurt the gums at all.Second, choose an electric toothbrush with soft bristles. The brush head has been rounded and processed, which generally won't hurt the gums.So for a fresh breath throughout the day, go for it.

Can electric toothbrush dispel halitosis really?And that's true.People with halitosis, careful observation, will be found in the tooth surface and gum gap that sticky yellow material, smell very smelly, this thing is dental plaque, adhesion is very strong, ordinary toothbrush is difficult to brush clean, with electric toothbrush will be more thorough, so after brushing you will feel the breath is fresher than before.

Over the years of using the electric toothbrush, it has really helped me develop very good brushing habits.Every time I brush my teeth, like I have obsessive-compulsive disorder must use electric toothbrush enough on time for two minutes, even if sometimes think things want to forget, gently press, but also can continue just the mode, anyway will not let you have the "second brush" of the opportunity.And the electric toothbrush is very economical toothpaste, squeeze a little can brush out very rich foam, a few years down also save a lot of toothpaste money.The result is my teeth, which have never had a problem all these years and can eat at any place.If the subject were changed to advice for young people, I would suggest that all young people should own an electric toothbrush.

I began to use electric toothbrush from the university, it's a long story, brush your teeth before going to take it easy, just when I started to use electric toothbrush is also like before hand brush brush, think it is good to brush to, this habit has been followed by using an electric toothbrush, so probably lasted for about a year, until the regular check-up do dental check-up of the dentist and I said that I failed to live up to an electric toothbrush. He told me that the electric toothbrush should be brushed slowly. The 30-second change zone reminder design of the electric toothbrush also allows us to brush the four areas of the outer side of the upper teeth, the inner side of the upper teeth, the outer side of the lower teeth and the inner side of the lower teeth. Each area should be brushed for enough time.Later, I did a lot of research and found some brushing methods provided by some businesses and some research literature. After more than four years of practice, I sorted out the following set of correct use methods of electric toothbrush that can clean teeth without damaging gums:Before the introduction or understand why to brush your teeth, teeth where dirty, with these theoretical basis, and then one by one will be easy to overcome.

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