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Is electric toothbrush useful, pay intelligence quotient tax?

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If you have the same problem as me, try using an electric toothbrushand you may find unexpected results.

Electric toothbrush is divided into two parts, one is the brush head and the other is the fuselage. The most valuable part is the fuselage. The fuselage of an electric toothbrush can be used for two or three years, and it is only a few cents per day.Do not worry about the replacement of the brush head will be expensive, generally electric toothbrush brands will give one or two replaceable brush heads, some even give four or five, a year and a half also do not need to buy a brush head.

Start I just don't want to use electric toothbrush reason is probably worried about above the electric toothbrush will spend more than my budget, but on the day of a dentist and I played, for example, he said one adult teeth has broken off won't be long, just like you to buy a car, the car you bought used only for the rest of your life, there is something wrong with the need to go to repair?Can you guarantee no problems for decades?

Do you think it's worth the money you've spent brushing your teeth the right way, like getting your car serviced, to make it run longer?So value!

More and more people use electric toothbrushes, and the styles are also varied. At the same time, they will be dazzled when choosing. If they don't choose, the first electric toothbrush may be their IQ tax.The first toothbrush I bought was not the right one. Every time I used it, my mouth would bleed and my teeth would feel numb.No way, can only say that when they started some too hasty, to this aspect do not understand.Hand toothbrushes aren't bad either, they're just not as clean.If you want to achieve the effect of an electric toothbrush, it is necessary to spend more time, not left, right, right.If you have enough patience, there is no need to cut into an electric toothbrush. My father bought an electric toothbrush for him, and he was not used to it at all. He also said that I spent money inappropriately.The Don is careful to brush his teeth every day, tooth protection is very good.An electric toothbrush is probably for people like me who are a little bit lazy and impatient.Maybe a little lazy is a common problem among young people nowadays, haha.Spend the least time, get better cleaning effect is not good.So what should I pay attention to when choosing an electric toothbrush?

As far as I'm concerned, I find the electric toothbrush to be very useful. It makes brushing easier and helps regulate the force of brushing, which is noticeably cleaner than a manual toothbrush.It is convenient and easy to use. In the three years since I started to use the electric toothbrush, I have not used a manual toothbrush. I always put the electric toothbrush in the bag before traveling.

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