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Is electric toothbrush useless after all

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I learn structure design, then into the position of a company, just is a electric toothbrush production enterprises, the structure research and development work, for the electric toothbrush industry and product were studied, a business can exist and development is not without reason, electric toothbrush was invented and can be used widely, and even brushing their teeth after will change people's habits,Gradually, everyone should use electric toothbrush instead of brushing by hand.In fact, before I touched the electric toothbrush, I once bought the so-called decontamination magic device on the Internet.A medicine-like substance that is applied to the surface of the tooth and waits a few minutes before brushing.Although there was a little success at the beginning, gradually I felt that the teeth were not strong enough. Later I realized that the so-called "artifact" was actually a corrosive thing.It eats away the yellow stuff, but it also eats away the enamel.So this kind of electric toothbrush can be used in an emergency, but never used!Later, after using a new electric toothbrush, that is, electric toothbrush, I really feel the joy of brushing my teeth.First, before using electric toothbrush, we should know why we brush our teeth.It turns out that there is a bacterium called plaque on our teeth, which is the main cause of our dental problems.Common dental problems can stick to you if they are not removed in time.And the plaque's habitat is our gingival groove.So when we brush our teeth, we mainly clean the gum groove.It is responsible for the phenomenon of yellow teeth.At present, the best method of brushing teeth is the Pap brushing method.For electric toothbrush, the tremor works automatically, all we have to do is have the right way to brush.First of all, how to choose an electric toothbrush?With the improvement of people's life quality, electric toothbrush brands are numerous.Compare what others have used to feel your situation and choose the one that is most suitable for you.Then, after buying back, we should install the battery first, because the general seller will not give you the battery, so we have to buy by ourselves, generally is the fifth battery.Of course, some electric toothbrush are charged, so we need to charge them before we use them.Install the brush head on the top, keeping the same direction.When everything is ready, you can debug it at the press of a button.The average electric toothbrush comes in several grades.Then put on the toothpaste, it should be noted that the toothpaste does not need too much, the usual toothbrush is one-third enough, and then put in the mouth, do not move in one place, let it rest for 30 seconds, and then transfer to the next place.When you're done, turn off your electric toothbrush so it doesn't splash all over the place.Then rinse the brush head, dry the water and erect it in a dry environment.Otherwise easy to breed bacteria oh!

Electric toothbrushes cause less damage to teeth than traditional toothbrushes.An electric toothbrush can be used to brush gently compared to someone with a strong hand, greatly reducing the chance of bleeding gums.In addition, for people who brush their teeth incorrectly, using an electric toothbrush can better protect tooth enamel.

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