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Is it OK for a child to use an electric toothbrush?

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In general, some very young children's everyday items cannot be used. Today, we're talking about electric toothbrush. According to experts, they are not recommended for babies under the age of seven. Maybe my parents will say I don't need anything. First, the frequency and strength of electric toothbrush are fixed. In addition, due to the baby's young age, do not know the correct way to brush teeth, which will directly lead to mistakes, which lead to the child's gums red and swollen. At the same time, the child's teeth also show wear and tear, leading to serious tooth loss. Therefore, infants cannot use kids electric toothbrush before the age of seven. Preschoolers are not allowed to use kids electric toothbrush. Preschoolers rarely have hard objects like stones on their teeth, which are mostly soft dirt, so they don't need to rub hard with kids electric toothbrush. At this time, the baby is in the critical period of tooth growth and tooth replacement, the teeth and periodontal tissue are very young. Therefore, choosing an electric toothbrush is also a top priority. When buying an electronic toothbrush for the baby, parents must choose small power, small brush head, soft bristles, etc., do not buy according to their own habits. Baby using electronic toothbrush note: First, when using electronic toothbrush to brush teeth, parents should change the toothbrush every 3 months. If the electronic toothbrush  is used for a long time, there may be a lot of bacteria in the bristles, which is very harmful to the oral health of the baby. Secondly, parents should choose quality products when buying electric toothbrush manufacturer for their babies, so as to ensure the quality of electric toothbrush manufacturer. At the same time can prevent the baby's mouth from being damaged. Under normal circumstances, after the baby is 2 years old, the upper and lower teeth almost all burst out, it is time to brush. When it comes to electric toothbrush manufacturer, parents have a red knot: Is it better to use a traditional manual or electric toothbrush manufacturer? Use an electric toothbrush factory after age 3. The principle of the electric toothbrush factory is through the rapid rotation of the motor movement makes the brush head vibrate at high speed to separate the toothpaste. Dissolve in tiny foam to clean teeth. Electric toothbrushes have many advantages over traditional manual toothbrushes. Extensive facial cleaning not only involves the surface of the teeth, but also penetrates between the teeth to make brushing cleaner and the teeth more shiny; The vibration of the bristles improves blood circulation in the mouth, massages the gum tissue, removes more plaque, and reduces it. Incidence of gum inflammation and bleeding: Novel shape and automatic rotating vibration feature may arouse children's curiosity and make them fall in love with brushing. Despite this, most dentists still do not recommend electric toothbrush factory for children under 6. First of all, this year's children in this age group have poor comprehension and handling ability, and sonic toothbrush manufacturer are more difficult to operate than physical sonic toothbrush manufacturer. Poor performance can easily cause problems such as gum damage and tooth wear, which can lead to periodontitis and tooth loss. Second, the head of an sonic toothbrush manufacturer is relatively hard and large, and the texture of new baby teeth is relatively fragile and may not withstand it. Not suitable for large rotation force and small mouth size, it is difficult to use for a long time. Plus, it deprives babies of exercise with their eyes, hands and brains, plus childhood teeth, unlike adults, have few stubborn objects like dental stones, just some soft dirt that doesn't need to rely on the intense rubbing of an sonic toothbrush manufacturer to deal with. At present, however, there is no single international standard for the use of sonic toothbrush factory at any age, and it should be child-based, taking into account gums, oral condition and hands-on ability. For example, your baby is developing early and will voluntarily vomit.Have foam in your mouth, or are particularly fond of  sonic toothbrush factory, or consult your dentist, as the case may be. Use from 1 to 3 years old. The key to choosing an  sonic toothbrush factory. Buy points: ① pay attention to safety. Take the brush head as an example, the integrated design of the brush head and the brush handle should be selected to avoid preventing children from swallowing the brush head by mistake; Choose a vibratory sound wave that protects your gums. The rotating brush head is suitable for children, the brush head should be small enough to cover both of the child's teeth, facilitate the movement of the small mouth and provide a greater range of cleaning, and the bristles of a large toothbrush should be soft to prevent friction damage to the gums and teeth. The electric toothbrush wholesale handle should be thin and easy for small hands to hold. In addition, there should be an intelligent control timer function that can establish a standard brushing time concept for the baby. ② Pay attention to change the position of brushing teeth in time to avoid staying in the same position for too long, which may lead to tooth and gum damage. Pay attention to the style of beauty, such as cartoon and non-cartoon appearance, let the baby like to use is the first choice. ③ Be sure to go to regular stores to pick and buy, do not bargain, and strive to ensure quality. What to use: Before using an electric toothbrush wholesale , soak it in warm water for 1-2 minutes to soften the bristles. After brushing, wash and dry with water and place the brush head in a ventilated, dry place. The life of the toothbrush head of an electric toothbrush wholesale  is invalid. It is necessary to replace the bristles if they are used for more than 3 months or if they are bent or deformed. Initial use of  sonic toothbrush wholesale "requires adult guidance and assistance in the early stages, especially when babies are not yet able to tie shoelaces or feed themselves." Help. From the book Give Your Child a Beautiful Tooth, I read about trying to get your child's parents to help him brush his teeth before he is competent enough to use the proper method. Generally speaking, it is best for children to brush their teeth after they finish primary school. While a child's ability to take care of themselves is important, early dental care can have a major impact on the future, with children often finding it difficult to clean their teeth. Even with sonic toothbrush wholesale, cleaning can be difficult to achieve. Electric toothbrush agency are recommended after age 8. Generally speaking, kid-friendly electric toothbrush agency are available after the age of 3. If you purchase an electric toothbrush agency at this time, it is also recommended that adults help your child brush their teeth. Can a child use an electric toothbrush agency? Many mothers have this concern: Can a baby use sonic toothbrush agency? Is it unsafe? In fact, sonic toothbrush agency for infants and toddlers, like regular toothbrushes, do not harm teeth and mouth as long as they are chosen properly and used properly. However, there are still many points to pay attention to when it comes to choosing sonic toothbrush agency and brushing methods. Due to the popularity of the electric toothbrush dealer school, a variety of electric toothbrush dealer  schools have developed: according to the vibration speed, can be divided into normal, acoustic, and ultrasonic types. According to the type of brush head, can be divided into rotary and straight brush. Our advice on whether to use sonic toothbrush dealer for babies aged 0-6, especially 0-3, is a bit "different" : you don't need to worry so much about the technical differences and parametric characteristics of different sonic toothbrush dealer, but should focus on whether this little thing can make the baby enjoy brushing more. Of course, many factors vary from person to person, and many children will prefer sonic toothbrush dealer, but some will inexplicably resist vibrating ones. If a fun electric toothbrush trader makes brushing your baby's teeth more enjoyable, use it. If he's a throwback, don't use it. In any case, it would be better if he brushed his teeth more intently. Regarding brushing, you must pay attention to the following issues: 1. From the moment your baby has his first tooth, he can brush his teeth; Floss can be used when there are two adjacent teeth, that is, after a gap appears. As long as the dosage meets the requirements, you can use low fluoride children's toothpaste. 3 Try to help your child brush his or her teeth until he or she can do the task well and independently (usually between the ages of 6 and 8). 4. electric toothbrush trader are neither magical nor scary. Interestingly, sonic toothbrush trader designed for infants and toddlers can only make brushing easier and more fun, reducing the exclusion of children. Of course, if the child still refuses and avoids brushing, the parent will have to battle it out with the child. The basic principles for choosing sonic toothbrush trader for infants and young children are the same as for regular sonic toothbrush trader: the bristles should not be too hard to prevent damage to the gums, the head should be small and fit in the baby's mouth, and the handle should be the right size and material for easy grip. The timing function of the electric toothbrush company can also remind your baby to brush enough time each time. 6. Charge your electric toothbrush company or replace the battery regularly, as a lack of charge can affect the vibration rate. Replace the head regularly, just as you would with a regular sonic toothbrush company, once or twice a month. If the baby likes to bite the brush head, you need to increase the frequency of replacement. With the increasing popularity of sonic toothbrush company, many parents will want to use sonic toothbrush company for their children. But it's not clear when you can start? In fact, there is no strict age limit for using an electric toothbrush supplier, but it is not recommended for children too young, usually after the age of 2. "Because a very young child has very small teeth but a large toothbrush head, this can lead to areas where brushing is impossible." . The electric toothbrush supplier head for a kids electric toothbrush needs to be the right size, no more than 1.5 times the size of a child's individual front teeth, and the hair should be fine and soft. At the same time, combined with the child's acceptance of kids electric toothbrush, if they are not nervous or uncomfortable with kids electric toothbrush vibration, they can start to use. It is important to note that children before the age of 6 are often unable to clean their own teeth. It is recommended to brush your teeth with the help of your parents. The child holds the front of the brush handle and the parent holds the back to make sure their teeth are cleaned. 1. Can children use kids electric toothbrush? Five Benefits parents need to know: Can kids electric toothbrush be used by children? Although dentists now strongly recommend the use of children's sonic toothbrush supplier for children over the age of 4, unfamiliar parents still question why children's sonic toothbrush supplier can be identified? What are the specific advantages over traditional manual electric toothbrush vendor? In addition, the prevalence of dental caries among children is as high as 72 percent, and there is a greater need for children's electric toothbrush vendor with strong cleaning capabilities. In order for parents to have a comprehensive understanding of it, here are my five summarized for parents. Benefit one: cleaning force is stronger, to prevent tooth decay has a certain effect. The cleaning effect of children's electric toothbrush vendor is obviously better than that of traditional manual toothbrush, especially in the areas with high incidence of dental diseases such as pits, crowns, interdental Spaces and backs of teeth. These are basically blind areas that a manual sonic toothbrush vendor can clean, and also inhibit the growth of plaque and prevent cavities. Advantage 2: Stable vibration frequency and precise brushing force control. When children need to use manual sonic toothbrush vendor, they need to control how hard they brush. In fact, however, most children have no stable control over power at all, and thus can easily injure themselves. However, this can be effectively avoided by using a professional children's electric toothbrush bulk. It vibrates evenly, is more stable, and can provide better protection for teeth. Bonus  3: Save time and effort. Brushing with a children's sonic toothbrush  takes only 2-3 minutes to clean, while using a manual sonic toothbrush  takes at least 10 minutes to achieve the same cleaning effect. But the truth is, few kids brush their teeth for that long, so the cleaning results aren't ideal. Benefit 4: Lower threshold for operation, easier for children to use. Most children under the age of 10 have inflexible hand muscles, and manual toothbrushes electric often fail to brush properly or cleanly due to handling problems. However, the use of children's toothbrushes electric is not only low brushing threshold, but also easy to operate, completely regardless of Angle and brushing force, cleaning effect is also very good. Bonus  5: Kids are more interested in brushing their teeth. Most children's electric tooth brush are emerging smart products that come with cartoon positions, lighting effects and stickers and other gifts. Kids are more interested in them and will be more motivated to brush their teeth.


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