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Is there any special requirement for the method of using the electric toothbrush

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Is there any special requirement for the method of using the electric toothbrush? We should pay attention to the time of brushing: the frequency of brushing is usually at least 2 times a day, and the time of each brush is 3 to 5 minutes for manual toothbrush and 2 minutes for electric toothbrush. Because electric toothbrushes are 10 times or more frequent than manual toothbrushes, it is necessary to reduce time and avoid excessive wear and tear on enamel. For brushing methods, electric toothbrush has not pointed out the need to have a special response, generally still use the above mentioned several methods can be. There are certain requirements for the brush head, because the action frequency of electric toothbrush is too high, therefore, it is recommended to use soft brush head. According to my personal experience, I suggest to add another one: you must rotate the electric toothbrush with a variety of gear modes, so that you can find the right gear for your teeth, and don't wear your teeth too much.

The cleaning ability of an electric toothbrush is the most important criterion to consider. Looking at a toothbrush cleaning power is simply looking at the vibration rate. If the frequency is too low, electric toothbrush in any respect or cleaning ability and so on will be poor; But the frequency can not be too high, too high the vibration will be too strong.

What are the key points of an electric toothbrush? The motor, which directly determines its vibration rate, also largely determines whether the brush can be cleaned. Brush bristles: Good bristles can make your teeth slippery after brushing, and bad bristles can make your gums bleed. As for battery life, waterproofing and plot mode, every factory can do it. Is this the core technology? Now a lot of brand publicity copywriting are, how good the product, half a year does not charge, clean mode. But now the big-name electric toothbrush is basically charged once a month, I don't believe you can be lazy. Products that do not need to be charged for half a year basically cost on the battery. Can the core motor and brush bristles be used well? Advertising costs are much higher, so it is necessary to save on costs to make money.

In short, the purchase of electric toothbrush to choose a reliable brand, those who do not know what brand of small miscellany do not consider, after all, but also to buy a replacement brush head. It is good to choose the range that you can accept on the price. Two or three hundred electric toothbrushes on the market are actually quite good to use. Electric toothbrush while cleaning ability than manual better, but also want to brush properly, electric does not mean no manual, or according to the technique of manual brush, three minutes at a time, actually don't have to worry about healthy teeth with an electric toothbrush will have damage, less fragile teeth, brush is not so easy to clean, can also don't expect by using an electric toothbrush whitening teeth, The color of the tooth itself is a little yellow, in fact, like that kind of calculus may still need to go to the teeth to remove. Daily use of electric toothbrush brushing to choose their own cleaning mode, start to use the best choice of sensitive mode, vibration amplitude will be smaller, slowly to get used to.

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