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Is using an electric toothbrush cleaner than using a traditional toothbrush?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-29      Origin: Site

Countless experiments have shown that electric toothbrushes are cleaner. For example, its friction frequency is hundreds of times more than ordinary toothbrush, which has a qualitative change for cleaning power! So this is a lot of key data to illustrate how electric toothbrushes clean better than regular toothbrushes. Working principle of the reason, it on the teeth gap, gingival groove and other parts to clean more in place. However, the cleaning force is not the higher the better, or it will hurt the teeth, it is recommended to choose the gingival care experience better electric toothbrush! Used in the past, I in ten many electric toothbrush, feel good there are several brands of electric toothbrushes are also good, especially the professional products, protection of gingiva teeth clean at the same time also does not hurt on the strong teeth, because never advertise discount so visibility is not high, can reduce 80% of brushing your teeth hurt, and for chronic injury tooth with special technology optimization, There are a number of non-damaging electric toothbrush technology, such as verified vibration frequency technology, gingival separation hair planting technology, overpressure shock absorption, and breakthrough of high span vibration frequency range, self-developed a variety of brush head to match different groups of teeth without damaging teeth! Brush roundness rate is as high as 94.3%! By virtue of ultra-clean damage ratio is recommended by the dental circle. And electric toothbrush cost performance is higher, cleaning power and comfort overall performance is poor, but cheap, so the requirements are not high can be considered. And cheap electric toothbrush slants female, soft hair design, comfort is also good, cleaning force will be weaker.

Many people think that an electric toothbrush is just a lazy tool, just easier to brush than a regular toothbrush. Actually, no, electric toothbrushes are much better at cleaning than manual toothbrushes, and the vibration generated during the work can improve blood circulation in the mouth. It can also reduce damage to teeth and reduce the frequency of gingivitis. Therefore, it is very important to choose an electric toothbrush, so this electric toothbrush has a very high cost performance.The most powerful feature of this electric toothbrush lies in the intelligent pressure sensing, such as automatic frequency conversion, coil flash warning, prevent gingival bleeding, root atrophy, etc., which can effectively protect teeth from injury. It can only be charged once a year, super powerful battery life, 3350 mah. This electric toothbrush has imported super soft bristles, comfortable brush does not hurt gums. Sensitive people can also use it safely. Three-pronged design, one bristle is divided into three, the lower end of thick thin tip, high softness, high resilience, high hardness, also more suitable for delicate Asian mouth. Silicone wrap, mildew and not hurt teeth.

Originally designed for people with disabilities, electric toothbrushes are very labor-saving and easy to use -- just put them in your mouth when turned on; More efficient. For the same amount of brushing time, the electric toothbrush cleans more thoroughly than a regular toothbrush and does a better job of cleaning the back teeth area. Feel more fulfilled. I brush my teeth every day, but I can't see my teeth whiten or feel less bacteria. It's so boring! So some high-end electric toothbrushes can connect to your phone and check your achievements through an App, making brushing your teeth feel like a monster upgrade.

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