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Is water flosser better than flossing?

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Is water flosser better than flossing?


As people pay more and more attention to oral health, more and more people are concerned about the choice of oral cleaning tools. In daily life, our commonly used oral cleaning tools are mainly toothbrushes, floss and floss. Although dentists regard brushing as the most important method of dental care, simply brushing your teeth does not clean your teeth thoroughly. At this time, water flosser agency and floss become an effective aid to remove tartar. Which of them is better? This article will explore the difference between oral irrigator and floss and analyze which tool is better for oral cleaning.


1. Advantages and disadvantages of floss


Floss is a coil made of nylon, silk, or polyester. As a fibrous material, it is easy to carry. After a meal, you can use floss to clean the gaps between the teeth one by one, which can improve the formation of dental calculus.
(1) Advantages of floss


Floss is a traditional oral cleaning tool that can effectively remove food debris and plaque between the teeth, preventing the occurrence of dental caries and periodontal disease.


1. The biggest advantage of floss is that it's cheap


(2) Disadvantages of oral irrigator


The method of oral irrigator is relatively simple. You just need to push the floss through the gap between your teeth and gently move it around. However, floss also has some disadvantages.

1. Cordless water flosser is laborious and requires some skill and patience. In addition, if used incorrectly, it may cause damage to the gums. Secondly, floss can only clean the gaps between the teeth, and the cleaning effect on the tooth surface and periodontal is not ideal. Finally, cordless water flosser the hard-to-clean parts of the mouth, such as wisdom teeth and braces, is less effective.


2. Secondly, the harm of excessive cordless water flosser is that it may damage the gums, mainly for people who floss too often, and people who floss incorrectly, which may cause damage to the gums and periodontal fiber tissue, and increase the harm such as interdental. If you water flosser agency too hard and damage your gums, It may also cause inflammation and bleeding in the gums. Overexertion or incorrect irrigator dental can damage the gums and cause bleeding, which is not good for the gums. Be careful not to use too much force when cleaning with the floss stick. Regular irrigator dental sticks are usually disposable. Dental floss sticks can carry bacteria after use. If you use floss sticks repeatedly, bacteria will invade the mouth, affecting oral hygiene and causing oral diseases.
2. Advantages over irrigator dental


Floss is a relatively new oral cleaning tool. It uses high-pressure water to clean teeth and gums. It can also be called "water water flosser". Floss can effectively remove plaque and food debris from the surface of the teeth, while massaging the gums to promote blood circulation and help prevent periodontal disease.


1, mouthwash can not only remove food residue to a certain extent, but also effectively clean the gum line, interdental teeth and other tooth areas that can not be cleaned to avoid dental bacteria deposition. These areas that can't be cleaned by brushing are usually high incidence areas of dental disease. In fact, you can also look in the mirror and see if there are any signs of yellowing or blackening in these areas. Many people say that the reason I brush my teeth seriously is mainly because I still have dental disease, because the toothbrush also has blind spots. But the extremely thin stream of dental oral irrigator can be effectively cleaned in place.


2. Our commonly used dental dental oral irrigator can only remove food debris, and there is no way to remove tooth bacteria. At the same time, it is impossible to remove all teeth with floss, and floss allows all teeth to be cleaned efficiently and quickly.

3. Dental oral irrigator can be used as long as there is water, so it is usually possible to carry out an effective tooth rinse after meals, which can minimize the deposition of tooth bacteria and calculus, and even greatly reduce the number of teeth cleaning.


4. Oral irrigator agency can massage the gums and reduce the severity of periodontitis. With more than 90% of our adults suffering from periodontitis, floss can massage the gums, improve blood circulation, and greatly improve the self-repair ability of the periodontal tissue.


5. Oral irrigator dental properly can also whiten teeth, as most of us have yellow and black teeth due to tartar deposits between teeth. Continuous oral irrigator dental can greatly whiten teeth. Remove stones, plaque, etc.
3. Why does floss cause tooth damage?


1. Users buy cheap water flosser. The core materials used in cheap floss cost so little that the experience is unlikely to be even better. For example, the pump motor power is insufficient, the impact force is uneven, sometimes strong and sometimes weak. The bad water flosser manufacturer problem.


2. Blindly pursue water flosser manufacturer that is too cleaning. Many users are stimulated by The Times and have "cleaning anxiety". Dental instruments range from bleeding gums and inflammation to serious dental defects. Although many floss brands discount gum and tooth protection brands, the effect is actually very large and there is a lot of feedback about tooth damage.

3, The attitude of water flosser dealer is peremptory, such as not oral irrigator dealer for two minutes, cleaning a place for too long, over-flushing the gums, frequent water flosser every day, etc., will cause damage to the teeth and gums and bring burden.


4. Blindly pursue floss that is too cleaning. My own dental health is poor, but I am confident that my teeth are of good quality. As we have highlighted above, Chinese people generally have low dental tolerance, but there are still many people who are driven by celebrities and Internet celebrities to impulsively buy good-looking designs and well-known big brands. However, you must know that these brands have only started producing water flosser factory in the past year and are all original equipment manufacturers. The actual experience is very general, and the harm and harm of dental damage can be greatly increased.


5. Water flosser trader with a perfunctory attitude. Blind use is also the main cause of tooth damage. Blind high frequency use and excessive impact on the same part of the tooth is very easy to cause damage and injury.




While the benefits of water flosser are more valuable than water flosser factory, not everyone can use floss, depending on whether they are suitable for oral irrigator trader! For those who are not suitable, it is best to use a regular toothbrush. Here are five categories of people who are not suitable for water flosser company.


The first is not recommended for children under the age of 8.


Second: not recommended for older people over 60 years old.

Third: Not recommended if you have a serious dental disease, such as loose teeth, severe pain, frequent bleeding and suppuration, need prompt medical attention.


The fourth: temporary sudden toothache and inflammation, first try to find the cause, when the symptoms disappear oral irrigator manufacturer.


Type 5: People who have recently had treatments such as tooth whitening, root canal treatments, and fillings should use them on the advice of their dentist whenever possible.
4. How do I choose to oral irrigator company or floss?


Water flosser supplier or floss? Floss or floss? Although floss is much more efficient than floss and is much better at removing plaque, they should also pay attention to long-term chronic wear on your teeth and gums. You must choose oral irrigator manufacturer according to your own tooth characteristics. Floss is recommended for normal teeth with relatively good abutments. However, oral irrigator supplier is recommended for patients with periodontal disease with large tooth gaps and severe food impaction.


(1) There are many common dental diseases in China and their complexity is very high. Different genders, Different ages, different regions, different food cultures, etc., lead to different needs for choosing water flosser vendor, and everyone's oral environment is different every day. There are many diseases, so it is best to choose those with a wide range of water pressure, multiple patterns, multiple nozzles, and good quality oral irrigator factory, otherwise it may cause long-term and chronic damage to the teeth and gums.


(2) The vast majority of our adults suffer from bleeding gums, gingivitis, periodontitis and tooth decay and other oral diseases (people with unhealthy oral conditions must choose some dental oral irrigator vendor with better gum and tooth protection), many brands are under the banner of protecting gums and teeth, but in fact, the rate of tooth damage is high, so we must pay special attention.


(3) Special purposes

Oral irrigator factory is suitable for flat or raised tooth surfaces. When there is a feeling of tightness and impenetrability, you can do a back-and-forth sawing motion, through the contact point, gently reach the tooth surface below the contact point, while placing the water flosser bulk on the tooth surface. Bottom of gingival furrow Clean the gingival furrow area. When the dental water flosser wholesale is wearing braces, the braces give us a lot of trouble, first of all uncomfortable, and secondly difficult to clean the mouth. Dental oral irrigator bulk can penetrate into blind areas, clean the tiny gaps caused by braces, and relieve pressure on the gums caused by braces.


(1) How to choose good water flosser?
(2) Oral irrigator bulk is divided into platform home type, home portable type and mini portable type. The main differences are the size of the tank, pressure range, battery life, pulse frequency and total volume. In general, the platform household water tank is larger, the pressure and pulse frequency span is larger, suitable for a wider range of people, the pump power is larger, the water is more stable, the waterproof performance will be good and professional, but the price is more expensive, the mini portable impact is weak, and the mouthwash is almost the same, but the advantage is that it is portable and small, and the value is high. In addition, home portability has the advantages of the first two, and is also the most comprehensive cost-effective type on the market at present, and the reputation is also the best.
(3) Be sure to choose water flosser wholesale with a larger pressure range, which is more suitable for different oral environments. Most water flosser have a pressure range of 40-90psi. There is no need to excessively pursue high pressure that exceeds the load of the tooth, which can easily damage the tooth. At the same time, the greater the pressure difference between the highest and lowest values, the better, which means more people will adapt.


(4) Nozzle type. Under normal circumstances, dental water flosser wholesale will be paired with a variety of nozzles to adapt to different groups of people, such as standard nozzles, periodontitis nozzles, orthodontic nozzles, etc. The more nozzle shapes the better, because they are suitable for different groups of people. Different speaking questions and stages.

(5) Try to choose a brand to try. Because each of us has different dental conditions and a high degree of complexity, not all water flosser is suitable. Also, while many of the brands are well known and good looking, they are mostly produced by original equipment manufacturers, and the actual experience is not flattering. Many professional brands spend a lot of energy on pulse frequency and pump power regulation, and deposit a lot of technology and process there. So be sure to choose a brand that you can try.


(6) Don't buy cheap water flosser


Although oral irrigator wholesale is easier to use than water flosser, many dentists and stomatologists stress that you should never use water flosser that costs tens of dollars. No matter what the brand,Don't use it. The overall experience is terrible and bad for your teeth. The irritation is very large, which will greatly increase the injury and damage to the injured tooth.


That's my summary of whether oral irrigator wholesale is better or better? And some of the dangers and drawbacks of water flosser. In fact, the benefit and core value of floss is that it can well compensate for the shortcomings of a regular toothbrush. When used with a toothbrush, it can maximize the cleaning efficiency, and the effect of removing dental plaque will be much better, and will not cause the deposition of dental calculus. In short, water flosser agency will become our new oral cleaning tool and further improve the low rate of dental health of our people.


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