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Is water flosser good for teeth?

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Is water flosser good for teeth?


Before buying water flosser, it is very important to understand what to look for when buying oral irrigator and how oral irrigator works. Many people worry that buying poor quality products will cause tooth damage. In order to eliminate everyone's worries and avoid everyone stepping on thunder, Some cordless water flosser has summarized 8 exclusive cordless water flosser purchase strategies for your reference.


1. What is irrigator dental?


First, let me explain irrigator dental


irrigator dental is also known as waterpik (dental oral irrigator), dental cleaners and tooth cleaners. When used, dental oral irrigator mainly uses the impact of a high-speed water column ejected under a certain pressure, and the dental oral irrigator emits a pulse. The water flow affects the cleaning of plaque and food debris between the teeth and gums. There are two main sources of water pressure for oral irrigator dental. The first is the use of their own electric pump to produce water pressure, the second is the direct use of tap water pressure. Therefore, according to the structure of the oral irrigator dental, the oral irrigator dental can be mainly divided into electric douches. There are two kinds of toothbrush and faucet water flosser manufacturer.


The structure of the electric mixer mainly includes an electric water pump, a water storage tank and a nozzle


The structure of the faucet water flosser manufacturer machine mainly has a connecting device with the faucet and the nozzle.


2. Discussion on the working principle of water flosser manufacturer


The main working principle of water flosser factory is:

The impact force generated by high-speed water jet in the form of pulse, or carrying multiple bubbles in the jet water, can also have similar vibration and impact effects, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning teeth and interdental; In addition, some fine particles can be added to the water flow of hard and heavy sand or some surfactants that help in cleaning.

What is triple water flosser factory used for?

Let me start with an old-fashioned one, water flosser factory is never a substitute for brushing!

But brushing alone doesn't clean your teeth!


oral irrigator manufacturer and brushing go hand in hand, They don't conflict. oral irrigator manufacturer is like a small water cannon that washes away food debris between your teeth and reduces damage to your gums. However, a mouthwash cannot remove tea, coffee, and smoke stains, not to mention tartar. These need to go to a hospital or dental office. A professional can clean your teeth. The most effective way to clean your mouth is through physical friction while brushing.


1. From a life perspective:

Remove residue from the surface of your teeth to keep your mouth clean and feeling fresh.


Clean your tongue and remove bad breath.


An efficient orthodontic cleaning tool. For those who are undergoing orthodontic correction or wearing dentures, oral irrigator manufacturer is a powerful tool for oral cleaning


2. From a health perspective:

Powerful removal of food debris and harmful bacteria that accumulate between the teeth beyond the reach of toothbrushes and oral irrigator factory, effectively preventing tooth decay, gingivitis, calculus and periodontitis.


· Massage and stimulate the gums, improve blood circulation, relieve toothache and inhibit gum bleeding.

· Help children develop good oral cleaning habits to prevent early tooth decay.


More than 50 studies have shown that oral irrigator factory can improve periodontal health problems such as gum disease and bad breath [1]; They can also aid in the deep cleaning of artificial crowns, implants and orthotics [2].


A 2008 meta-analysis concluded that oral irrigator factory did not help remove visible plaque, but may benefit gum health. A study by the University of Southern California showed that a three-second flush with 1,200 pulses per minute and 70 pounds per square inch of pressure removed 99.9 percent of the plaque in the targeted area.


Another two-week clinical trial at Tokyo Dental University showed that using toothbrushes and water flosser wholesale together inhibited plaque better than using toothbrushes alone. [6]


In addition, water flosser wholesale can improve gum health and help clean orthotics and dentures.

3. water flosser wholesale classification


Technical classification:

High pressure water pulse technology

The high pressure water pulse is the most efficient and comfortable oral irrigator wholesale technique. It uses an air plunger to continuously pressurize the front water column, thereby continuously impacting the space between the teeth for optimal cleaning results. Cigna and JB are two of the leading brands of this type of technology.

The ultrasonic nozzle speeds up the water flow through a narrow nozzle, which then creates a stream of tiny bubbles that can strongly wash away food debris on and between the teeth. These bubbles break down on the surface of the teeth and produce ultrasonic airflow, which can more gently and effectively remove residual stains in difficult parts of the mouth and obtain better cleaning results than traditional water flow.


3. Microburst gas flow technology

Microburst technology is similar to the principle of a high-pressure water gun. It basically ejects by touch. In terms of comfort, it is not as comfortable as high-voltage pulse technology, but it requires less water. Its nozzle is designed with an angled Angle for deeper cleaning. Between the teeth, but the jet force is relatively strong, sensitive people may feel a little uncomfortable.
4. Oxygen activation technology

The oxygen technique is to inject air into the oral irrigator wholesale, creating an unwanted rushing stream of water that also contains tiny bubbles that can effectively break down plaque.

5. Why oral irrigator wholesale?

Usually, brushing can only clean about 60% of the tooth surface (residue and plaque on the inside and outside of the tooth and the occlusal surface), and some dead spots can not be brushed, such as between the teeth, gingival grooves, wormholes, etc. Due to the structure of the teeth, the individual teeth are arranged side by side. A toothbrush can't penetrate the gaps between teeth. Once food scraps are stuffed into the place, it rots a little and grows bacteria. Over time, it even forms a toothbrush. The Tartars. water flosser agency can use high-frequency high pressure pulse water to deeply clean the dental plaque between the teeth and the gingival margin, avoid the growth of oral bacteria, prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease, and achieve a comprehensive cleaning effect. Maintaining oral ulcer hygiene and preventing dental diseases, such as controlling dental caries, inhibiting tartar growth and refreshing breath, and preventing gingivitis or periodontal disease, have a good effect.

6. Classification according to the use scenario:

water flosser agency is mainly divided into the following two categories:

1. Desktop water flosser agency

Desktop oral irrigator agency uses a direct connection to the power supply, so the battery life is long, the water pressure is stable, and the built-in tank is enough to complete the entire oral irrigation task; But because it uses a direct connection to the power supply, it needs to be placed where there is a power outlet. It's only usable, and it's also a little bigger than portable oral irrigator agency.

2. Portable oral irrigator agency


The biggest advantage of portable water flosser dealer is that it is small and easy to carry. It can be used anytime, anywhere, and can be simply rinsed after each meal. However, the disadvantage is that the main design is small and portable, resulting in a small tank capacity, each use needs to be repeatedly replenished, can not complete the flushing task at one time.

5. water flosser dealer precautions and use methods

If water flosser dealer oral care can achieve correct and effective brushing, two times a day is enough, but if the method is not appropriate, multiple brushing will not help, and even too much force will aggravate the gum atrophy. The correct method of use is to align the nozzle with the gum base line and the gap between each tooth, rinse in an M or W shape in a certain sequence, and stay for about 2 seconds to allow each tooth to complete the rinse. It is best to rinse your teeth with it after every meal and develop another "gargle" habit. In general, for oral irrigator dealer, water is enough, and mouthwash or analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs can also be added to enhance some of the effects. Middle-aged and elderly people have large gaps in their teeth, and oral irrigator dealer makes it easier to remove gaps between teeth. Food scraps.

7. Here are some things to look for when buying oral irrigator dealer:

1. Water shock/gear

When choosing water flosser trader, the influence of water flow is very important. If the impact force of the water is not strong enough, it cannot achieve the effect of deep cleaning. Generally, water flosser trader is technically divided into four types: high-pressure pulse type, active oxygen type, ultrasonic type, and micro-burst flow type. Among them, the high subpulse type is the most comfortable and effective water flosser trader technology at present. It uses high pressure water flow, spraying high pressure water at high frequency for a short period of time to clean the mouth, but we also need to choose water flosser trader with gears, because everyone's gum sensitivity is different.


2. Pump body material
When the internal pump body of the mixer is used, its high-frequency repetitive action can cause friction and heat generation. If the quality is not good, it will directly affect the service life of the oral irrigator trader. Most oral irrigator bulk on the market uses ordinary plastic pumps. This plastic pump can cause friction overheating and air leakage, and can also cause decompression or no water from the nozzle. If high-quality materials are used inside, it can run for more than 10 years at least.


3. Brand selection


The last point mentioned is actually the most important, because the choice of brand is equivalent to choosing the quality assurance and after-sales service of the product, so we must choose a strong brand.


Step 4: Water tank

The tank is very important for portable oral irrigator trader. If it's not enough for one person to fill up once, it's unpleasant, so the bottom line is: portable ones can be used by at least one person, and household ones can be filled with water. At least one family at a time can use it.

7. How to water flosser bulk:

Step 1: Fill the tank with warm water

Step 2: Place firmly on the base

Step 3: Shift gears from low to high

4. Place the outlet on the basin

Step 5: Flip the switch until the water starts to flow out

Step 6: Turn off the switch

Step 7: Adjust to the lowest setting, extend the water outlet into the mouth, lips slightly closed, let the water flow down the basin

Step 8: water flosser company is applied inside the mouth in this way, from the outside to the inside, at a 90 degree Angle to the gums

7. Does frequent oral irrigator vendor cause gum recession? Does water flosser company widen the space between your teeth?


Long-term use of oral irrigator company generally does not cause gum receding, and water flosser vendor can be a good treatment for gingivitis and periodontitis. However, be careful not to contact the tooth surface directly when using, and try to keep a certain distance from the nozzle. Remember, when you have dental disease, be sure to go to the hospital in time to avoid tooth damage.


water flosser won't widen your teeth! In fact, the accumulation of food debris or calculus, gum inflammation, etc., can cause local swelling or blockage of the gums. Daily use of water flosser can effectively reduce the accumulation of residual plaque and relieve gum inflammation. With a deep clean, the swelling in the gums will gradually subside and the gaps between the teeth will become more noticeable. It feels like the gap between the teeth has become larger, but in fact, the original size of the teeth has been restored, rather than the gap caused by water flosser.


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