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It is said that there are two kinds of people in the world

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It is said that there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who prefer to use electric toothbrushes, and those who don't. Does an electric toothbrush really brush cleaner than a regular toothbrush? Can electric toothbrushes harm teeth and gums? It is difficult for me to make a prepared judgment, because everyone uses it in a different way, so the feeling, the effect and even the possible physical harm caused by using it are all different.

Good children who brush their teeth morning and evening spend an average of three minutes a day with this in their mouths. So brushing your teeth is definitely not a small thing. However, even now, 70 per cent of people believe they do not have to change to an electric toothbrush. In many people's minds, electric toothbrushes are high-end, not civilian. In developed European countries, almost 80 percent of households use electric toothbrushes.

"Ultrasonic electric toothbrush" is a category of electric toothbrush, and there are several other categories. In addition, not all sonic electric toothbrushes can be called ultrasonic electric toothbrushes, here is to be careful, do not see the details of the sonic electric toothbrush, you buy it as ultrasonic electric toothbrush.

The way electric toothbrush works is nothing more than the brush head instead of hand movement, brush head movement is divided into the following several.

The rotary vibration type is driven by the drive shaft to rotate the brush head, using the friction generated by the rotation of the brush head to clean teeth. The rotation speed of the rotary vibration type electric toothbrush is mostly above 8000/min, the cheap domestic will be a little slower.

The sound wave vibration means that the brush head is driven by a motor, so that the brush head can vibrate at the frequency of sound wave, generally 10,000 ~ 37,000 times per minute. When the bristles vibrate, the tips of the bristles produce fast water and air bubbles that clean the teeth. Acoustic vibration electric toothbrush is the most, 90% of the electric toothbrush on the market are using acoustic vibration.

3D type is in fact in the rotary vibration type on the basis of adding acoustic wave function, can be seen as a combination of rotary vibration and acoustic wave vibration.

The combination of sound wave and ion is Japanese high technology. When the brush head vibrates, the negative charge is released into the mouth, which weakens the adhesion between dental plaque and teeth, making the dental plaque easier to fall off.

We choose electric toothbrushes because they clean better than traditional toothbrushes. So what affects the cleanliness of brushing? The answer is the speed at which the brush head vibrates.

Think of an electric toothbrush that vibrates 1,000 times a minute or an electric toothbrush that vibrates 3,000 times a minute. The answer is very clear, 3000 times /min of electric toothbrush, so the vibration speed of the brush head is also a point we should pay attention to when choosing an electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrush brushing head is also very important. The brush head mainly depends on three points. The first point is whether the size of the brush head is appropriate, the second point is the use cost of the brush head, and the third point should pay attention to the quality of the bristles. Different people's oral structure is different, so the degree of trial of the brush head is also different, it is best to choose the brush head according to their own habits. The cost of the brush head determines the cost of your toothbrush. The brush head is basically replaced every two to three months. Consider this part of your budget. Like some brands of electric toothbrushes are not expensive, but the brush head is extremely expensive. It's best to buy an electric toothbrush with DuPont bristles that meet FDA standards. The bristles should be rounded at the top, which can damage sensitive roots and scratch surfaces.

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