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Let's talk about the error of the purchase of the tooth blusher.

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Can blunt tooth implement treat periodontal disease and tooth stone? Can't! The dental rinsing device can effectively remove the bacteria and food residues in the interdental space, which can well prevent periodontitis and dental calculus. For the already formed periodontal disease, the use of dental rinsing device to clean the mouth can only play a certain relief effect, but can not be cured. It has no therapeutic effect on the formed dental calculus. It is still recommended to go to the hospital group for professional help.

Did you use a toothwash to brush your teeth? This must not be true, because the main purpose of a toothbrush flush is to target the bacteria and food debris that are fixed between the teeth and under the gums, which the toothbrush cannot clean, in order to complete the tooth plot. The cleaning of the surface of our teeth needs to be completed by the toothbrush. The general toothpaste contains fluorine, which can effectively protect our enamel, which is also a function that cannot be replaced by the toothbrush. Therefore, it has the best effect when used with the combination. The tooth flusher is easy to use. When we finish eating or drinking coffee and drinks, we can take the tooth flusher to flush.

Does it clean your teeth better than the traditional line pressing of a tooth flush? Floss is a traditional tool to remove seams and bacteria, especially for those who are having orthodontics, line pressing is basically a necessary tool, because when you eat with braces, food residues are easy to get stuck around the braces, and it is not clean if you only brush your teeth.

Many people may think that the line pressure is better than the tooth flush, but this is not true!because the relevant scientific research has proved that the cleaning efficiency and effect of stamping are better than the pressure line. And floss is very inconvenient to use, only clean the surface of the teeth is good, but for the back of the teeth and canalts and other parts of the teeth appear a little weak. In fact, it can be used as an upgraded version of traditional dental floss, with more aspects and higher cleaning efficiency.

At the end of the article, there are tips on how to use the tooth rinser:

1, before the use of the tooth flusher, we must put the nozzle corresponding to the part of the teeth to be washed in the switch!! You have to trust me or you'll be sorry!

2. You should develop a good use habit, such as using the tooth flusher regularly every day, following a fixed order of flushing, generally flushing from the inside to the outside, then cleaning both sides, and finally on the front.Give yourself a good plan of what time to wash, generally in the morning and night once, usually can also be cleaned immediately after meals, can play a better role in the prevention of oral diseases.

3. To reiterate that the teeth are sensitive and the first time you use them, try not to choose the high-frequency pulse mode. Start with the soft mode and try the high-frequency pulse mode after one week.

4. The nozzle should be replaced once every half a year.

5. It is best to clean the tooth flusher regularly, so as to prolong its service life!

6. When you flush your teeth, you can add a small amount of mouthwash to the water, which can play a better cleaning effect, but be careful not to add more mouthwash than water!!

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