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​Manual toothbrush vs. electric toothbrush

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-15      Origin: Site

Compared with manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush is driven by electric power, and the brush head moves at a high speed of thousands or even tens of thousands of times per minute. The efficiency is indeed much higher than manual toothbrush, but it also has higher requirements on the bristles, so as to prevent gum damage in the process of brushing. "The cleaning frequency of electric toothbrushes is much higher than that of manual toothbrushes, so the qualified rate of brushing should be improved from the standard of manual toothbrushes to avoid gum damage," said Li Gang, a professor at the School of Stomatology of the Fourth Military Medical University. Consumers should pay particular attention to whether the bristles are rounded when buying electric toothbrush. Felice electric toothbrush uses "Dupont brush silk", this kind of brush silk elasticity is better than ordinary brush silk, more wear-resistant, and the brush bristles are rounded, with silica gel bristles, play the role of massage gums. In the traditional way of brushing teeth, it is difficult to control the strength and direction of brushing teeth, but the head of the electric toothbrush automatically moves, the strength is uniform, easy to control, making the brushing process simple and effective. Therefore, the movement mode of brush head directly affects the cleaning efficiency. How to choose a electric toothbrush with high cleaning efficiency of brush head? Here are some of the factors I consider when choosing an electric toothbrush. Look from the principle, electric toothbrush is divided into mechanical rotation type and acoustic vibration type commonly. Mechanical rotary electric toothbrush uses a motor to drive the brush head to make a circular motion from left to right, imitating manual brushing, but faster than ordinary consumers to brush their teeth manually. The brush head and bristles can clean teeth and oral cavity in rapid rotation friction. However, this range is still small compared to manual brushing, about up and down only 5mm, the speed is generally in 7 thousand to 9 thousand. Sonic vibration electric toothbrush uses the high-speed operation of the motor to drive the toothbrush head to vibrate at high speed, but this vibration mode is slight and frequent, and the amplitude is smaller than that of mechanical type. Commercially available products can vibrate about 20,000 times per minute. It is worth mentioning that sonic vibrating electric toothbrush does not mean to brush teeth with "sound waves", but achieves faster cleaning speed and cleaning effect than traditional manual toothbrush by using the rapid movement of bristles similar to the frequency of acoustic vibration. The power source of electric toothbrush is the motor inside the handle, motor high speed rotating drive shaft high speed rotating, the shaft drive brush base cavity high frequency vibration, thus promote the bristles rotation and vibration, and relying on the drive shaft is not like other brand electric toothbrush high frequency vibrations to drive the brush head of the high frequency vibration, then drive the bristles. Because there is no high frequency vibration on brush head, brush only rotating vibration, not the beginning of general electric toothbrush with shock when lips feeling of pins and needles, also won't let head buzzing, very suitable for new to use electric toothbrush friends, just the Mid-Autumn festival is coming soon to the parents also can buy this, it is simpler.

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