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Measurement of the Water Flosser.

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1. Motor is very important for stable and comfortable water column.


The cleaning power of the Water Flosser mainly depends on the two parameters of water pressure and pulse water frequency. As the name implies, the higher the water pressure and pulse water frequency, the easier it is to wash the food residue out of the tooth crevasse. On this basis, we should also emphasize the comfort in the mouth, can stabilize the water, so that the water can comfortably impact the teeth between the teeth, the important accessories affecting the above factors is the motor.


The strong water pressure of our Water Flosser can reach up to 140PSI (high frequency pulse can reach up to 1400 times per minute). This strong water pressure can penetrate into the teeth and blind areas of the mouth to quickly wash away food debris and protect the gums.


For the first four months we used the Water Flosser, we were in third sensitive mode, and the water flow was even, and for me, the water pressure was fine enough.


2. The water in the water tank of the tooth flusher is reduced, and the stable output of the water column will not be affected.


The tank will slowly run out of water, like a child's squirt gun, and when it runs out of water, we'll need to pump it up again to maintain the initial range. Water Flosser device can control the stable output of water pressure, so that the Water Flosser can output strong and powerful pulse water flow under low power. And because of that, the pressure stays constant until the water is used up.


3. The water tank and fuselage can be removed for better health and safety


The fuselage and water tank of our Water Flosser can be removed, so it is very convenient to dry and clean.


4. Supporting 4 types of nozzles to meet the needs of different groups of people.


We have four personal nozzles for the tooth flusher.


Standard nozzle -- suitable for daily cleaning of teeth, deep cleaning of food residue between teeth and back teeth. (I only use the standard nozzle, other do not use, so buy a toothbrush, nozzle more is not necessarily good, the key is whether they need, if it is useless, put there is also eating ash.)

Tongue Cleaning Nozzles - Clean the tongue regularly to keep breath fresh.

Orthodontic nozzle - special for braces to wash away food residues in braces.

Periodontal pocket nozzle -- can be deep into 6mm dental pocket cleaning, suitable for gingival and periodontal disease.


There are so many nozzles that you can actually share with your family, one fuselage, different nozzles, so you get the best value for money. The same is true of my electric toothbrush at home, with different heads for different people on the same body.


5, three speed mode, custom water pressure adjustment, more easy to use or gentle mode.


Regular mode - This is the normal position for daily oral cleaning.

Soft mode -- the water flow is relatively mild, suitable for the first use and the people with sensitive gums; (I feel enough with this mode, you can try this mode first)

Pulsed mode -- clean and massage the gums with pulsed water. It is more suitable for people with sensitive teeth and gum discomfort. (Other teeth are called massage mode)

Custom mode - many levels of water pressure can be adjusted.


6. Usage


Install the nozzle, add water to the water tank, select the mode, put the nozzle into the mouth and aim at the teeth, and press the power-on button.


In the beginning, I pressed the power button first to select the mode. Later, I got used to the sensitive mode. Because of the memory function, I could press the power button directly, eliminating the selection mode, which was very intelligent.


To replace the nozzle to press the button, otherwise it is difficult to pull out.

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