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Most people will feel a little uncomfortable using an electric toothbrush for the first time.

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After all, they brush their teeth ten times or more often than they do manually. The subject is not alone, so don't be afraid. The small brush head will make the friends who are used to the standard brush head feel a little strange, but it can be used to over time. The only thing to point out is that a small brush head has the advantages of a small brush head, especially for electric toothbrush, the brush head vibrates at high frequency. If the brush base accidentally touches the teeth, once, twice or three times is ok. If the number of times is too much, it is always bad, and the total vibration of high frequency and low amplitude will have accumulation effect on tooth damage. If a friend's teeth already have a certain degree of crack, the brush head seat of the electric toothbrush should be touched 1~2 times every time when brushing. After a certain time, the tooth crack will continue to deteriorate until lesions occur. The advantage of using a small brush head is that it is easy to operate in the mouth, and the probability of touching the teeth is less than the standard electric toothbrush brush head. The conclusion is that the small brush head has a small brush head is good, since bought, more adapt to it, there is no habit can not be changed. If you buy a standard brush head, this problem will not exist. In other words, this problem is not caused by the electric toothbrush, but by the small brush head. The subject can be considered in the flagship store to buy standard brush head back to change, very good solution. 3. The movement and speed of electric toothbrush are not familiar, should they be the same as manual ones? I feel like I can't brush the inside of my teeth. There are many differences between the use of electric toothbrush and manual toothbrush. Electric toothbrush gently put a little pressure on the teeth, through the electric toothbrush's own high-frequency, low-amplitude vibration, can play the effect of cleaning teeth. After brushing two or three teeth, you just need to move the brush head to the next tooth and press it down, and then let the electric toothbrush clean automatically. Repeat this process until all the teeth have been cleaned. Therefore, when using electric toothbrush, the wrist does not need to keep swinging like manual toothbrush. The role of electric motor is to replace the swing of the wrist and liberate the wrist. Do not, the electric toothbrush is vibrating at the same time, the wrist also keeps swinging like using manual toothbrush, which loses the meaning of using electric toothbrush. According to the reason, the cleaning of the inner toothbrush is similar to manual toothbrush. The head of the electric toothbrush can be pointed at the inner teeth, and it will automatically vibrate to clean the teeth. At this point, it also needs to be clear that the cleaning techniques of different electric toothbrushes are not the same. Let's talk about them in detail.

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