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Newly bought an electric toothbrush

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-22      Origin: Site

Newly bought an electric toothbrush, the vibration frequency is too high drool and feel like they can't take care of their own epileptic patients.The first time to use an electric toothbrush, it feels magical.After the paste to buy more than half a year of tooth paste, the sense of use is very strange, turned to the original diary of a sentence: my gentleness has been thrown in the flood of time, perhaps occasionally will be who picked up, sigh, and once again thrown to the back.Since I found another cavity, I finally couldn't resist buying an electric toothbrush.However, the first use of the experience is a face of Meng forced me to check how to brush, shock me panic ah!After using the electric toothbrush, the door of a new world slowly opens. I can't help but sing in front of the mirror, "Love is a light so wonderful that it illuminates the future of our courage." My old face has been worn away by the electric toothbrush.How could an electric toothbrush be too difficult to use for people accustomed to the manual rush of brushing?It's so convenient!Electric toothbrush, accompanied by a bang (DIAN) long (JU) sound to feel the high-tech between the lips and teeth, the feeling of not having met too late, the basic clean power is not bad.Is...Just put on the toothpaste accidentally press the switch, helplessly watch the brush head to the toothpaste fly that moment, I feel special son.First time to use an electric toothbrush...Feeling..Why is this thing so much like a vibrator.As a young girl with bad teeth, I have been using an electric toothbrush for more than half a year. I can never go back to the ordinary toothbrush again. The bleeding gums are completely gone.Let's collect some key words: vibration!Yes, that's how the electric toothbrush works!Electric toothbrush is the use of high-speed vibration movement, drive the brush head, rotation or vibration, in order to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth.Will an electric toothbrush that is so powerful bring some negative effects to your teeth and gums?CCTV2's Truth Report has previously reported on whether brushing with an electric toothbrush destroys tooth enamel.

The program group walked into the Stomatological Hospital of Xi 'an Fourth Military Medical University;For experimental detection, electric toothbrush was selected to conduct oral cleaning test to verify whether electric toothbrush has damage to tooth enamel.

From the results of the experimental scan, the electric toothbrush completely on the teeth without wear, which is not possible.An electric toothbrush can cause slight wear on your teeth.But the wear is similar to the wear that comes from chewing food, and it's bearable, physiological wear.If you want a little less wear, you can choose a sonic electric toothbrush, which has the lowest wear.Come on, back to the point today, I understand that the electric toothbrush can not damage the teeth, after all, the hardness is in the place, so the electric toothbrush will hurt the delicate gingiva?

After all, according to the National Quality Control Center for Washing and Gargling Products, electric toothbrush that are not qualified for grinding may damage oral soft tissue or the surface of teeth when used, and may not be effective in cleaning teeth.

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