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Novice electric toothbrush is recommended

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Thinking electric toothbrush brushing is to turn on the power switch, put into the mouth OK?That's wrong. Electric toothbrushes aren't hard to use, but they're not the easiest way to brush your teeth for a fool.Novice recommends the choice of small amplitude, light vibration of the electric toothbrush.One of the core components of the electric toothbrush is the motor, the stability and vibration frequency of the motor determines the use comfort of the electric toothbrush.With a stable output, the vibration frequency of more than 30,000 times/min is sufficient for daily cleaning, and too much or too little will bring discomfort.When many people first use an electric toothbrush, they are uncomfortable with the vibration.If the motor is not performing well and the vibration is not evenly sustained, the novice will definitely have a harder time accepting the oscillations.Many new people use electric toothbrushes once and then give up, opting for cheap ones that are too vibrating or unstable.In this respect, brand and price can filter out some of the inferior electric toothbrush.In addition, beginners are advised to use an electric toothbrush with a small head.Many people prefer wide bristles when using a toothbrush because they cover more area, clean more efficiently, and brush faster.The disadvantage of this brush is obvious. Large bristles do not clean small areas, and although they are faster, they do not brush cleanly.The advantages of electric toothbrush are that high frequency vibration can replace manual brushing, and the smaller brush head can penetrate into small areas. The cleaning efficiency of high frequency vibration can make up for the disadvantage of small brush head covering small area, which can improve the cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect.

Electric toothbrushes are recommended for people with sensitive teeth. According to the thickness of gums, there are two types: thin gingival type and thick gingival type.Thin gingival types have thinner gums, are more prone to gingival retraction, and are more prone to bleeding and pain;Thick gingival type gums are thicker, less likely to recede, and less likely to bleed and ache.According to different types of gingival, different performance of electric toothbrush should be selected.

Electric toothbrushes tend to clean teeth more deeply, with the help of friction between the bristles and the teeth and ultrasonic waves caused by the vibration of the motor.Ultrasound can't be seen or touched, and its effect has yet to be determined.So the only thing you can choose is the frequency of the brush and the friction between the teeth.The higher the vibration frequency of a soft-bristled electric toothbrush, the cleaner the brush is.It is generally recommended to choose products with a vibration frequency of 3,000 times per minute.Only the one who uses an electric toothbrush, which is charged once every three days, knows and understands the pain.Waking up in the morning and finding your electric toothbrush won't open is not the sort of crash that most people can understand.Therefore, rechargeable battery life, is definitely concerned about.Slightly similar to a better electric toothbrush, it lasts at least 14 days (two minutes for each brush twice a day).

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