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Often use electric toothbrush to have harm?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-23      Origin: Site

Often use electric toothbrush to have harm? Presumably this is an issue many users are worried about, the dentist also often have the harm of patient counseling often use electric toothbrush and related issues, although I also use an electric toothbrush. In fact, like everyone else, I worry about whether the high vibration frequency of electric toothbrushes will damage my teeth and gums, but my experience over the past few years has been surprising. Is it harmful to use electric toothbrushes frequently?

Many of you must know that most brands and the media will tell you that electric toothbrushes are safe enough to do no harm. Although electric toothbrushes have strong vibration, they have good cleaning power, and the tooth enamel is very hard, which will not cause any harm to the teeth!

Electric toothbrush tooth several aspects of the main causes of injury, one is inferior in quality, one is was too strong, the teeth can not stand, that estimate male-dominated, teeth in a is most Chinese quality is not high, also is the cause of dental bleeding finger, the last one is not to use scientifically lead to injury of teeth brushing your teeth. Put all this together, and it's hard to make a strong connection between broken teeth and the electric toothbrush itself. After all, if each of us can choose an electric toothbrush carefully according to the condition of our teeth and oral cavity, the probability of damaging our teeth will be greatly reduced. This pan electric toothbrush cannot be carried on the back.

Dentists also strongly recommend people to use sonic toothbrushes, because the foundation of Chinese dental quality in the past few decades is relatively weak, the rate of tooth decay, periodontitis and other problems afflicting every Chinese, the reason behind this is nothing more than in the care awareness and cleaning efficiency is not high. The efficient cleaning force and efficiency of sonic toothbrush are incomparable to manual toothbrush, and the cleaning care of teeth is better, which is why the penetration rate of electric toothbrush in European and American countries is much higher than that in China!

Among the causes of excessive wear and tear of damaged teeth, many people bought improper electric toothbrushes. Which electric toothbrushes should not be used and should not be purchased?

The first type is that the electric toothbrush with too strong vibration frequency should not be used. Many people blindly pursue strong vibration and think the brush is clean, but forget another indicator is the gingival protection and comfort. Too strong vibration is easy to hurt teeth, especially those with dental diseases and problems.

The second type is low-cost electric toothbrush as far as possible not to buy, too many inferior products, easy to hurt teeth.

The third kind is the rotary electric toothbrush is not recommended to buy, although the cleaning force and vibration is a little stronger, but the damage to the teeth and gums is very big.

The fourth kind is the electric toothbrush with low round rate of bristles. It is too stimulating to the teeth and gums and easy to excessive wear.

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