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Oral problems are something that almost everyone has encountered

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Oral problems are something that almost everyone has encountered. The teeth have black holes, from time to time "make demon" pain a few times, the old taste in the mouth, dare not communicate with people face to face, gum often inexplicable bleeding red and swollen, eat an apple and a blood mark, eat meat on the tooth plug, toothpick not clean. Why do you still have a lot of oral problems when you brush your teeth every morning and evening and even buy expensive toothpaste? By brushing our teeth alone, we can only remove about 60 percent of the surface of the teeth, and the remaining food residues and tartar in the gingival crevices and between the teeth are the culprits that cause all kinds of oral problems.

If you want to improve oral problems, the most important thing is to maintain a hygienic environment in the oral cavity. It is necessary to use the help of the dental flushes. What is a tooth flush? A dental floss, or water floss, is a miniature high-pressure water gun. It fires a high-pressure jet of water to flush the teeth, flushing food debris from between teeth that would otherwise be hard to brush.

Dental flushes use water to pressurize and impact the oral cavity. Its pressurized water column can be sprayed into the oral cavity without obstruction, so as to achieve a cleaning effect. Dental flushes have also been proved by many scientific studies to improve the internal oral hygiene.

The tooth flushing device can not only clean the oral hygiene through the water column, but also remove the bacteria in the teeth and gingival crevices. It can also improve the inflammation in the oral cavity, and its water flow can also promote the blood circulation of the gingival, so as to consolidate the root of the teeth. Tests have shown that dental flushes reduce gingivitis more than 50 percent more than regular dental floss.

The tooth flusher was first popular abroad, and then entered China, but it has not opened the market. Only a few people and orthodontic patients can use it again, because it is very expensive, thousands of yuan per machine. Later, with the intervention of Chinese brands, not only the technological innovation, but also the price was knocked down, making it possible to enter the ordinary people's homes. In a treasure to search for the best sales of dental flushes, the price is about 300 yuan, 300 yuan to buy dental flushes expensive? If the tooth is sick, what kind of treatment can we get in the stomatology department with the 300 yuan in our pocket?

Dental flushes can be roughly divided into two categories from the different ways of pressurizing water supply: electric tooth flushes and faucet tooth flushes. From the technical classification of the electric tooth punch, and can be subdivided into three types, such as high pressure pulse type, micro-explosion air flow, ultrasonic water flow.

Tooth flusher has always been a controversial product, the evaluation is more extreme, people who have not used it think it is very "IQ tax", people who insist on using it will feel really sweet. So the tooth flush is really annoying.

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