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Recommended guide for 2022 electric toothbrush

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-28      Origin: Site

Is based on an electric toothbrush bristle, pay attention to is the quality of the machine, but it ignores the material of the bristles, to clean your teeth with the principle of vibration, is actually more hurt gums and tooth enamel, and cannot be further teeth, thoroughly clean, long-term use of electric toothbrush, brush your teeth after there will be bleeding gums, tooth enamel damage, loose teeth, and other symptoms. Choose a toothbrush that is antibacterial. 1. "Only thin and soft bristles can penetrate into the gingival sulcture for cleaning". The plaster mold was tested, and there was no subgingival sulcture (periodontal pocket), so I don't know how to draw the conclusion; 2. "These electric toothbrushes can produce a certain amount of cavitation effect on the bristles by vibrating 15000-70,000 times per minute". Please check the definition of cavitation effect first and then determine whether these toothbrushes can produce cavitation effect. 3. It is not objective to describe the evaluation criteria of dental mold cleaning test.

If we simply say which brand is good, we have no idea, because there are many brands and different series of electric toothbrushes. Because the texture is different, the performance and structure are also relatively different. Therefore, there will be more considerations in the selection process. The electric toothbrushes on the market are not well-arranged. I have used several electric toothbrushes. Because I ate sweets when I was young, I had 3 or 4 bad teeth, and I started filling teeth at that time. As time goes by, after coming out to work, the teeth begin to change slowly, and the frequency of pain has become more and more obvious. Therefore, I started to use electric toothbrush at the suggestion of my friend at this time. Without further ado, I recommend some very good electric toothbrushes to you. Take a look at my review. This toothbrush realized my transition from manual brushing your teeth to use electric toothbrush, also meet the demand of a grasp of all, a total of five gear can adjust, daily use a has more than enough, press the switch, easy two minutes every 30 seconds and will automatically remind in area, had been thought an electric toothbrush can is a kind of intelligence, duty used only to find that, It is much more efficient than my own strenuous brushing, so that my mouth feels very relaxed and clean, and my teeth can be seen to be clean and shiny. Most importantly, electric toothbrush, a novel and fun new way, can correct my lazy and bad habit of brushing my teeth. As an international oral institutions recognized teeth do not hurt the brand, although it is very small, in the past mainly for leading brands to provide data and technical support, and refused to advertise and please star endorsement, it is no wonder that awareness is not high, but with high cleanliness and each time you brush your teeth to reduce 80% of the dentist ring core advantages so receive the unanimous recognition. This product integrates eight non-damaging black technologies developed by years of experience in tooth care of electric toothbrush, and has three different customized brush heads, which are applicable to a wide range of people. At the same time, there are motors and brush heads at the same level as standard thousand yuan, and the battery life is 100 days. No wonder the evaluation data easily ranks among the top.

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