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Should a 13-year-old use an adult electric toothbrush or a child's

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I have asked sellers and they all said that it is ok to use adult electric toothbrushes, but I went to Baidu and some online doctors answered that they all recommend using children's electric toothbrushes.We are now using ordinary toothbrushes with adult small heads.I am also worried that adult video games will damage children's gums, please help me send a gift to my sister.

Buy a multifunctional sonic electric toothbrush.This electric toothbrush has a lot of vibration and is suitable for adults.Soft file soft mode, is relatively soft.If you are 13 years old, you may not be comfortable with it at first, you can start with soft. If you are comfortable with it, you can try clean.In addition, you can go to our shop to have a look, the packaging of our electric toothbrush is more suitable for giving away.

Although the teeth are not very good, but you are still very young, as long as you pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of good teeth, or can have a pair of old teeth.You're already aware of using an electric toothbrush, which is a good step forward.Compared with our ordinary toothbrush, electric toothbrush is more efficient, cleaner and a little bit higher, and saves time and effort. Generally, if you use it, you will like it.However, the current electric toothbrush market is indeed a bit chaotic, because the entry barrier is low, filled with a large number of inferior toothbrushes, relying on cheap to deceive people who do not know toothbrush knowledge.The most common problem with poor quality electric toothbrush is that the bristles are not rounded, which can damage our gums.In the NATIONAL standard, there is a specific set of grinding rate, as shown in the figure.

So when we choose electric toothbrush, do not choose those inferior products for cheap, at least buy reliable quality and reveal the story cost-effective electric toothbrush, such as the following electric toothbrush can be started.

Before using electric toothbrush, I almost have no requirement for toothbrush, because I remember to brush my teeth sooner or later is very good, how can spend hundreds of dollars to buy an electric toothbrush, manual toothbrush more than 10 pieces a it does not smell?Later, I vaguely feel his right teeth, when eating special pain, I began to panic, in the United States group searched the nearby dental hospital, to check what situation?I have a wormhole in my second lower tooth on the right side. When I suck my teeth, I can feel the space inside.

It is suggested that if I am too lazy to brush my teeth at ordinary times, I can use an electric toothbrush, which is more in line with my lazy person.It is recommended that those who do not love to brush their teeth should not realize the importance of dental health just as Tom did when he had some problems with his teeth. The old saying was later realized how correct it was: toothache is not a disease, but it is very painful!Take the time to learn how to find the right electric toothbrush for you.If a few hundred electric toothbrushes could offset thousands of dollars in future dental bills!It's still a very good deal.So I became a big user of electric toothbrushes.

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