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Should everyone use a water flosser?

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Should everyone use a water flosser?

water flosser is a tool for cleaning the teeth in the mouth. Is water flosser necessary for a healthy person with normal teeth? Let's take a look. oral irrigator does not have to have oral diseases to be used, and ordinary people can use it. oral irrigator can use a high-pressure water jet to wash away food debris and harmful bacteria that the toothbrush cannot clean between the teeth, which can effectively remove residue in the teeth. Food debris reduces the formation of tartar. Consistent flossing can better maintain the health of your teeth and mouth and reduce the chance of developing other oral diseases. Plus, compared to oral irrigator and toothpicks, The use of floss greatly reduces the irritation of the gums, and the cleaning effect is stronger. Seeing here, do you also feel that water flosser manufacturer is necessary for ordinary people, but there are several special cases to pay attention to. For people with receding gums, the high-pressure water column of floss can cause damage to the gums during use. There is a certain irritation, so people with receding gums are not recommended to use the strong mode of water flosser manufacturer, but should use the soft mode, otherwise it will aggravate the discomfort of the gums; Older people with more missing teeth are not suitable for water flosser manufacturer, which is not appropriate. It acts like oral irrigator bulk and can cause irritation to the teeth; People with loose teeth, if the teeth are already loose, it is not suitable to use oral irrigator bulk, otherwise the pressure water column generated by floss may aggravate the looseness of the teeth, and easily lead to tooth loss; oral irrigator bulk is not recommended in the above three cases. People who are getting orthodontics must water flosser bulk, because our usual mouthwash and brushing cannot completely remove food debris between the teeth, which will affect the process and effect of orthodontics. In severe cases, it may be necessary to restart the treatment plan, so water flosser bulk is most necessary for these people. When I visited the oral forum yesterday, I saw a topic like this: Is water flosser bulk suitable for everyone? oral irrigator vendor as an oral cleaning tool has become very popular in recent years, but the use of oral irrigator vendor is also on the rise. So anyone who wants to buy oral irrigator vendor must read this article. In the following article, oral blogger Wu Lei will not only discuss this topic with you, but also popularize the advantages and disadvantages of water flosser vendor and teach you how to choose water flosser vendor. Device 1. Is water flosser vendor for everyone? Do ordinary people need to oral irrigator supplier? The oral quality of Chinese people is relatively poor, the prevalence rate is more than 90%, and the oral environment is very complex. Traditional cleaning tools can no longer meet the current cleaning needs of the Chinese people. For this reason, dentists usually recommend oral irrigator supplier for everyone. So, is flossing for everyone? Many people don't know if oral irrigator supplier is right for them. If they are not suitable for water flosser supplier, forced water flosser supplier can cause tooth damage. So who's good for water flosser supplier and who's not? What? oral irrigator company is suitable for the following groups: 1. The average person with a healthy mouth: oral irrigator company can compensate for the toothbrush's cleaning blind spot. Cavities, gum lines, roots, and interdental joints are typical cleaning blind spots (also known as hard to clean with a toothbrush, but oral irrigator company can). Deep water flosser company cleaning of these blind spots can inhibit the production of dental plaque and prevent dental disease. 2. People with mild gingivitis and periodontitis: These people's periodontal tissues are less able to repair themselves. If not taken seriously and treated in time, these diseases will become more and more serious. The water flow of water flosser company is relatively gentle, which can massage the gums and improve the self-healing ability of periodontal tissue, thus improving oral diseases. 3. Orthodontists who correct teeth: These people need to wear braces for a long time. The presence of braces makes teeth and gums more fragile, the oral environment more complex, and oral cleaning and care more difficult. water flosser company can not only clean the teeth, but also relieve the pressure on the gums caused by the braces, which is very suitable for the orthodontic population. 4, yellow black teeth, bad breath: adhere to the use of oral irrigator trader fresh breath, whitening teeth. These people are perfect for oral irrigator trader. We also need to know about people who are not good at oral irrigator trader: 1. Children under eight years old/elderly people over 70 years old: the former is in the period of tooth replacement, the latter is in the period of tooth loss, if you use oral irrigator trader , it will accelerate tooth loss, so it is not recommended. 2. People with special diseases: For example, people with clotting diseases, because oral irrigator dealer may cause bleeding gums, if there is a clotting disorder, using oral irrigator dealer is very dangerous. 3. Patients with severe dental disease. For example, patients with severe periodontitis are not suitable for oral irrigator dealer. At this point, they should seek immediate medical attention. 2. Is it true that floss can remove dental stone? Is water flosser dealer for everyone? We already know that it's not for everyone. There are also rumors on the Internet that water flosser dealer can remove dental stone, and even some merchants promote their products in this way. But is it really the case? First of all, I want to tell my friends that water flosser dealer is not a substitute for dental cleaning, that is, floss does not remove dental stone, but it can slow down the formation and regeneration of dental stone. First, let me tell you how tartar is formed. If the soft dirt in the mouth is not cleaned up, it can slowly build up plaque. If plaque accumulates over a long period of time, it calcifies and forms calculus. Tartar is difficult to remove. We just need to go to a professional tooth cleaning agency to remove it. Although oral irrigator agency does not remove dental calculus, oral irrigator agency uses high-pressure pulsed water to clean the residue and soft dirt in the mouth, does not give plaque a chance to form, relives the formation of dental calculus at the source, and also removes clogs in the mouth. Dirt in the space between the teeth does not make the space between the teeth bigger. 3. The four Potential Hazards of Flossing Is flossing suitable for everyone? After reading the analysis of the applicable population, we will talk about the harm of the applicable population to the teeth. The overall quality of Chinese oral cavity is very poor. 90% of them had some degree of dental disease. At the beginning of dental disease, it is neither painful nor itchy. It's easy to make the mistake of thinking that your oral health is healthy. The teeth are damaged! oral irrigator agency has the following hazards: 1. Enamel is damaged. Once the enamel is damaged, the teeth will slowly be damaged and become sensitive. 2. Causes receding gums. And gum decline is irreversible, so we should never ignore the dangers of water flosser agency. 3. Aggravating oral diseases. The gums are relatively fragile and the oral environment is more complex. Choosing the wrong water flosser agency or using it incorrectly can worsen dental and periodontal disease. 4. There is a risk of chronic tooth damage. Floss can have undetectable chronic tooth damage, so it's hard for us to notice. By the time we notice it, basically oral disease is already very serious. 4. Uncover the dangers of oral irrigator wholesale and the four hidden causes of dental damage! After explaining "Is flossing suitable for everyone?" After that question, let's look at how to solve the problem of oral irrigator wholesale damaging teeth. What causes oral irrigator wholesale to damage teeth? I found an analysis of the causes of dental damage caused by water flosser wholesale on the dental forum. You can refer to, in addition, I also summarized the four major causes of dental damage according to years of industry experience. Cause 1. Product compatibility is poor, Chinese oral tolerance is low. Many businesses do not make professional technical adjustments to the various parameters of the product when they produce the product, so the product compatibility is extremely low. Even some brands do not understand the oral health status of Chinese people when they produce water flosser wholesale (low tolerance, health rate is less than 1%), so it is very likely that there will be a mismatch with the oral quality of Chinese people, and various problems will occur after use. Such dental problems. Reason 2. The impact of the product is too large. This product accounts for a large proportion of the market. Many friends believe that oral problems are caused by unclean teeth, so they pursue the ultimate cleaning effect in oral cleaning. Businesses have seized our psychology and continue to increase the impact of the product, resulting in the product being violently cleaned. After using this product, there will be obvious discomfort, and there will be problems such as bleeding, redness, and atrophy of the gums. Cause 3. Use low-priced, low-quality products. Such products still appear on the market today because there are many friends willing to buy them. Everyone who buys water flosser wholesale for the first time will choose a lower price product to try, so that if you choose the wrong product, you don't have to worry about losing too much. But what people don't know is that a cheap product is a bad product, and it doesn't work well, Because these products are made from very cheap and substandard materials. After use, you will find that the water is uneven, the pressure is unstable, and it is very easy to hurt the teeth. Cause 4. Improper use. oral irrigator factory hurting your teeth may not necessarily mean you're choosing an inferior product, but it could also mean you're using the wrong method. For example: oral irrigator factory for a long time at a time; oral irrigator factory too often, more than 3 times a day; The position of the rinse is incorrect and it is wrong to apply it directly against the gums. Compared to oral irrigator manufacturer, oral irrigator manufacturer is easy to use and won't tire your hands. Hydraulic pulses can clean all corners of your teeth, and even the gum lines that can't be cleaned by water flosser factory can be water flosser factory. As an ordinary person, brushing teeth and interdental cleaning tools are complementary and irreplaceable oral cleaning methods. Both should be used in combination in daily oral care. Especially those with wide teeth, are vulnerable to the impact of food debris, through bacterial fermentation can produce odor. water flosser factory for one minute after a meal to remove food debris and soft dirt between the teeth in time to reduce teeth and bad breath. The benefits of water flosser manufacturer can be said to be multifaceted, the most important is that it can effectively remove and inhibit dental plaque, thus avoiding the occurrence of various oral diseases. In addition, gentle water can massage the gums and relieve gum fatigue, And can significantly accelerate oral blood microcirculation, thereby relieving bleeding, toothache and other symptoms. Suitable for oral health people. Many people do not know that there are many cleaning blind spots when cleaning the mouth with a toothbrush, such as the periodontal pocket, the space between the teeth, the gum line, the root of the tooth and the joint between the teeth, etc., which the toothbrush cannot reach. At this time, plaque depends on the food debris in these places to multiply, causing periodontitis, tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, bad breath and other oral diseases, and water flosser manufacturer can be easily washed with water under a certain pressure. These mouth blind spots stop the growth of plaque and help us prevent oral disease at its root. Therefore, who is suitable for oral irrigator dental, I personally recommend that such people use it, which will make an already healthy oral situation even healthier. It is suitable for people with sensitive teeth caused by periodontitis. According to the relevant data survey, periodontitis and tooth sensitivity account for the vast majority of patients with oral diseases in the country. These people often experience pain and swelling in their gums, and even bleeding teeth. The gentle water flow of oral irrigator dental can massage the gums well, relax the gums fully, accelerate the oral blood microcirculation, and fully relieve the symptoms of tooth bleeding and toothache. So who's good for oral irrigator dental? It is highly recommended for people with periodontitis and sensitive teeth. Who is dental oral irrigator for? Orthodontics is undoubtedly the best choice. Why would you say that? This is because wearing braces for a long time can increase the number of dead spots in the mouth. In addition, gum pressure cannot be ignored. Without effective cleaning for a long time, dental plaque will grow, causing oral diseases such as bad breath and periodontitis. dental oral irrigator can effectively clean the dead corners of oral hygiene, and the water can also massage the gums to relieve gum pressure, which can make our mouth healthier. Of course, irrigator dental users still have limitations. Though the number is small For those who are not suited to flossing, there are still some. Having said who irrigator dental is suitable for, let's take a look at people who are not suitable for irrigator dental, in order to better warn such people to avoid cordless water flosser. Children under 1.8 years old. The teeth of children under the age of eight are in the growth stage and relatively immature. Blind flossing may cause damage to the gums, which is not conducive to the growth of gums and teeth. 2.People over 70 years old with loose teeth. The teeth of people over the age of 70 are in a degenerative stage, and loosening is inevitable. At this point, cordless water flosser is likely to cause loose teeth to fall out, so it is recommended that such people do not cordless water flosser. 3. Patients with special diseases. Patients with specific medical conditions, such as blood clotting disorders or hemophilia, are not suitable for cordless water flosser. During the process of oral irrigator, it is likely that the gums will bleed. Because such patients have blood problems, it may cause unnecessary danger, so try not to use it.

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