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Should we water flosser before or after brushing?

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Should we water flosser before or after brushing?


Is the best time to oral irrigator in the morning or in the evening? How often should you oral irrigator and how often should you cordless water flosser? Should cordless water flosser be used before or after brushing? How to water flosser correctly? This is a problem that many friends encounter when cordless water flosser. Today I will summarize these questions in order to fully answer them.


1. When is the best time of day to irrigator dental?


If you don't know it already, the answer is at night. irrigator dental is closely related to brushing, which means you should dental oral irrigator and brush at the same time. It doesn't matter if you dental oral irrigator before brushing, but there are two reasons why you should oral irrigator dental in the first place:
1. Brushing is quick and easy, but oral irrigator dental takes more time. So, if you brush your teeth first, you'll most likely be lazy and skip water flosser manufacturer altogether. But if you water flosser manufacturer first, you won't skip brushing, because everyone will feel fresher after brushing.


2. water flosser factory and remove debris between your teeth that often then sticks to the surface of your teeth. Therefore, when you brush your teeth afterwards, you want to clean both the plaque on the visible surface and the debris on the water flosser factory.


Any dentist will recommend that you brush twice a day and oral irrigator manufacturer at least once a day. This is a big factor in why you should oral irrigator manufacturer your teeth at night before bed. Because oral irrigator factory can effectively remove debris from the surface of the tooth that cannot be removed by brushing.

2. How often do you oral irrigator factory?


While brushing your teeth twice a day is a lesson you learn as a child, many people also forget the importance of water flosser wholesale.


Experts tell us that you should water flosser wholesale as often as you brush your teeth. This means that, ideally, you oral irrigator wholesale once a day when you wake up and once at night before you go to bed. oral irrigator wholesale regularly can help remove food particles you may have missed, thereby supplementing your oral health.


Dental experts such as the American Dental Association agree that regular brushing and water flosser agency can protect oral health, fight plaque, and even prevent bad breath. However, if water flosser agency one day causes discomfort in your gums, or if you have to get a more in-depth cleaning from your dentist, you may need to wait a little longer for your next treatment.
3. Should I oral irrigator agency before or after brushing?


Try oral irrigator agency on your gums and teeth before brushing to help you get better dental results. Since water flosser dealer helps remove large chunks of food and debris, your brush can more easily remove substances that you don't want to stay in your mouth after water flosser dealer.


oral irrigator dealer before brushing can even allow your toothbrush to reach previously hard-to-reach areas. However, if you prefer the opposite direction, you don't have to oral irrigator dealer first. For some people, it may be more comfortable to use a toothbrush before water flosser trader.


Your dentist will usually recommend a dental procedure that you feel is consistent and repeated often. If you still water flosser trader and brush every day, no matter what order you oral irrigator trader in, you should be better able to prevent problems like gum disease, tooth decay, and plaque buildup.

A dentist in Shenzhen said: "In general, you can oral irrigator trader before brushing, which is good for removing stains, but it can't replace brushing. If you get food on your teeth, you need to clean them with a toothbrush and toothpaste."


4. water flosser company regularly


water flosser company combined with fluoride toothpaste, good brushing habits and a quality mouthwash are important components of oral health. All kinds of oral irrigator company can help us care for our teeth more effectively and reach areas that a toothbrush can't. This is especially true for those who need braces.


Learning how to oral irrigator company optimally is one of the best ways to get rid of any serious dental problems caused by debris and food in your mouth. water flosser supplier and remember to brush twice a day will give you the strength you need.
5. water flosser supplier with care


Some netizens said their teeth were especially sensitive after oral irrigator supplier. Do you know what causes these problems? Here are some things to keep in mind when oral irrigator supplier:


1. Avoid over-rinsing. At first, I didn't know how to water flosser vendor/water water flosser vendor. I would rely too heavily on water flosser vendor/water water flosser vendor, use them frequently, extend the rinse time, and use too strong equipment to flush teeth and gums. In fact, this is very wrong. During that time, my gums were bleeding a lot.


2. Choose water flosser vendor/water floss that has too much impact. I remember that in the first two years of use, I prefer to choose products with strong impact, especially European and American brands. In fact, I have to say that European and American brands are very suitable for Europeans and Americans. The impact is particularly large, but for our Chinese people with low tooth quality, the impact is too strong, and long-term use is easy to cause excessive gum burden and wear. In particular, most of us adults have tooth decay, periodontitis, which can easily wear down the enamel and irritate the gums.


3. Flushing in the same location for a long time is also a problem that many people encounter. At first, they are not used to the pulse frequency and time frequency of floss/water flosser, or suffer from cleaning anxiety and always feel that rinsing is not clean. It's easy to rinse in the same spot for a long time, which actually makes it easier to wear down your teeth and gums.


4. Do not be vigilant about the adjustment of daily gingival inflammation and swollen gingival pain. Each of our teeth and mouths are changing in real time. Everyday problems like burning, swollen gums, Things change in real time, but many people, including me, pay little attention to these details. These problems can easily be exacerbated by the same routine cleaning methods.


5. Beginners should be from weak to strong when using for the first time. That's something a lot of people don't notice. They think their teeth and gums can adapt, or think their dental health is in good shape, so they pay less attention to the strength of the first gear and blindly rinse. When you oral irrigator vendor for the first time, you have to pay special attention to it and you have to start using it from the weakest gear.


6. The Angle of use is wrong, and it is easy to over-rinse the gums. In fact, many people don't know how to use it. Some people rinse the gaps between their teeth at an Angle, which can easily irritate the gums. Of course, this does not mean that oral irrigator vendor cannot flush the gums, but the degree and frequency must be paid attention to.

7. water flosser bulk/water Improper use of water flosser bulk can easily lead to gum bleeding, tooth pain, etc. Serious problems can lead to dental and oral diseases, gum receding, tooth sensitivity, and even serious problems such as tooth loosening and tooth cracking (the probability of serious problems is very small).


8. At the same time, floss/water floss can cause two types of damage to teeth: short-term and long-term. The short-term damage of teeth was mainly manifested as flushing bleeding, tooth pain, discomfort after flushing and so on. Since this is so easy to detect, many people adjust their water flosser bulk/floss rinse method or gear pattern in time. Long-term chronic tooth damage is not easy to spot. It's a slow wear and tear process. Typically, this long-term wear and tear process can last for months or years, but when you find it, It has aggravated dental disease. Therefore, the most important thing to pay attention to is the long-term chronic wear of teeth caused by floss/water floss.


9. It is recommended to select products with strong compatibility. Our oral environment is dynamic and requires a range of products with different modes, high power and spray types to meet different oral care needs. For example, a pressure range of 40-140psi is more reasonable, and the wider the range, the better the compatibility.


6. How to oral irrigator bulk properly


When oral irrigator bulk, keep the following points in mind:


1. Follow the floss/water floss and stop for 2 minutes. oral irrigator bulk should not extend the rinse time too much, or it will put more burden on the teeth and gums.

2. The flushing position is to position the nozzle at a 90 degree Angle to the tooth. Do not lean the nozzle exit hole against the teeth. Must be about half a centimeter away. At the same time, rinse the gaps between the teeth with water. Try to form a 90-degree Angle. Do not tilt the mouth from top to bottom, which can easily lead to excessive gum flushing and affect the lining of the mouth.


3, in the process of gargling, you can slightly close the mouth to prevent water from splashing onto the body, while forming the effect of mouthwash in the mouth.


4. Don't rinse frequently throughout the day. Under normal circumstances, do not rinse more than 3 times a day. Basically, you can rinse after meals. If you eat regularly, you can use mouthwash to clean your teeth and mouth.
5. The inside of the tooth needs to be rinsed. Many users ask if they need to flush the inside of their teeth. In fact, if time permits, rinsing the inside of the tooth is recommended. Of course, whether the order is from the inside out or the outside out depends on personal preference.


6. Check your teeth and gums regularly. The dental examination rate in our country is very low. Many people are afraid or unwilling to go to the dentist for a dental check-up. There are many reasons why they don't extend here. If you really don't want to go to the dental office, you can also look in the mirror to see if there are cavities and black spots on your teeth, if your gums are red and swollen and painful, and if you usually have a tingling sensation when you eat, and make a basic judgment.

7. Floss/Water Flosser choice is also very particular, very critical. I directly feel the possibility of tooth damage during use, especially do not blindly pursue cleaning power. The dental health of our people is generally poor. More than 80% of the tooth decay rate, more than 90% of the periodontitis population, almost everyone has dental disease, is not suitable for strong impact water floss/water floss.


Summary: This is the proper and scientific way to use floss/water floss, and the summary of whether you should water flosser before or after brushing. In fact, floss/water floss can cause wear and damage to teeth just like manual toothbrushes. Therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention to the scientific and correct use of floss/water floss. At the same time, during the selection process, pay special attention to choosing products that are suitable for your teeth. Don't choose blindly. After all, if you choose a product that is not suitable for you, how to use it correctly will greatly increase the probability of tooth damage. Only by focusing on your strengths and avoiding your weaknesses can you make full use of the value of floss/water flosser.


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