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Should you buy an electric toothbrush?

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-22      Origin: Site

Should you buy an electric toothbrush?As mentioned above, the electric toothbrush has one more electric function compared to the ordinary toothbrush, and can help us to accurately time, to ensure that the brush time is enough.A more electric toothbrush can vibrate at a higher frequency, be quieter, and last longer. It can be paired with sensors and a smartphone to provide postural-correction functions, but essentially nothing much has changed.

Whether an electric toothbrush is an IQ tax is different for everyone.

Regular use of an electric toothbrush is not harmful to the teeth and soft tissues, and is less harmful to the gums than manual brushing.I don't recommend using an electric toothbrush for everyone. It depends on the population.I recommend small head soft bristle ordinary toothbrush, two times a day, each time at least 3 minutes of effective brushing, can achieve a good oral health effect.If there is gingivitis, patients with periodontitis should first be considered for gingival cleaning and periodontal treatment at a regular hospital.Instead of the recommended electric toothbrush and a brand of toothpaste.The electric toothbrush was originally designed for patients with systemic diseases or fine motor problems of the hand.Electric toothbrushes have since sprung up to fill the high-priced gap in the toothbrush industry.Many people don't brush or use an electric toothbrush, and the high frequency of rotation and friction causes teeth to wear.You can find a video of how to brush your teeth properly online, and if you still have a problem with it, be sure to go to the hospital first.

Electric toothbrush is not necessarily better than ordinary toothbrush, electric toothbrush and ordinary toothbrush, the same brush head and reasonable brushing techniques, there is no big difference, but the electric toothbrush is more intelligent.There should be a lot of friends are also waiting for this point of view, after all, now for the blind blow electric toothbrush more people.So why are dentists recommending electric toothbrushes?Why are more and more people buying electric toothbrushes in recent years?Let's put the problem aside for a moment. Let's look at two cases. I don't know if you have a few friends around you who have oral problems like Ah Qi.For example, one of my colleagues, who was always talking and laughing, suddenly said that she felt uncomfortable with her teeth for a few days. Finally, the pain became unbearable, so everyone went to the hospital with her.From the beginning to the end of my colleague is very painful, until the doctor told us that is periodontitis, electric toothbrush, though the price a little high, but there are a lot of ordinary electric toothbrush did not bring the advantages of time control and remind brushing your teeth, supervision, we correct brushing your teeth, brush your teeth each time will be remind conscientious, refused to three days of fishing, two days net.

After a careful look at the function of the electric toothbrush, we found that the original electric toothbrush is quite good and the price is not as expensive as you imagined.

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