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Since the cleaning efficiency of the electric toothbrush is much higher than that of the manual toothbrush

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Since the cleaning efficiency of the electric toothbrush is much higher than that of the manual toothbrush, can we have the electric toothbrush after oral health care can be all right?Of course not!The cleaning efficiency of an electric toothbrush is closely related to how it is used.Actually, it doesn't -- if I forget to clean the kitchen and the balcony while I'm cleaning, such a handy tool as a vacuum cleaner won't help either;Similarly, if we brush our teeth only on the side of the lip, or just brush the front teeth, brush the back teeth when we do not put the electric toothbrush into it, it is equivalent to when we clean the oral hygiene of the teeth at the back of the mouth, no matter what "magic tool" is also useless.Secondly, we recommend the use of acoustic vibration electric toothbrush is the Pap brushing method, that is, 45° horizontal tremor method. This brushing method is an important way of periodontal care. The key and difficulty is that the toothbrush must be inserted into the gingival crevice between the teeth and the gums, so as to achieve periodontal cleaning.If you still brush your teeth like a manual toothbrush, just poking around in the mouth, the electric toothbrush is not very effective.For example, when cleaning, the feather duster is used to remove the dust on the surface of the mechanical friction, and the vacuum cleaner does not need to rely on mechanical friction, but by negative pressure to attract the purpose of dust, if you use the feather duster to use the vacuum cleaner, it is white blind this tall vacuum cleaner.The limitations of the ordinary toothbrush are also the limitations of the electric toothbrush.Our recommended oral hygiene cleaning trilogy is one brush, two flushes, three passes.

If you use an electric toothbrush, do you still need to use the old Pap method?For this, I also went to consult a lot of data, asked some of the people, oneself also think some (I also admit, just answer inappropriate, because the method is a lot of kinds of brushing your teeth, pap method of brushing your teeth is not necessarily suitable for everyone, but it is suitable for most people, this is no doubt), and then I found this question (aside from intentionally pack to force, teasing),The following problems commonly exist: 1.The lack of understanding of the nature of electric toothbrush brushing leads to the confusion about the mechanism of electric toothbrush brushing and manual toothbrush brushing, as well as the confusion about the commonly used brushing methods, that is, knowing what is not knowing why. 2.Don't have, really know the proper way to brush your teeth, use for teeth hurt larger horizontal brush method, so use the more advanced electric toothbrush can produce a sense of wonder, and in order to conceal his "ignorance", the brain will spin a can persuade their own answer, so there may be the brain circuits, since manual toothbrush into electric toothbrush,Now The Times are developing so fast, so the brushing method is naturally updated, and there is no need to use the traditional mainstream Pap brushing method.

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