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So how to choose an electric toothbrush?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-03      Origin: Site

According to authoritative statistics, less than 3 percent of Chinese people will have healthy teeth in 2020, and the concept of proper tooth care still needs to be popularized. Although some people have begun to use electric toothbrush to enhance the effect of dental care, most people do not pay enough attention to the problem of damaged teeth caused by electric toothbrush. My cousin is more exaggerated, spring outdoor group camping with us, take a tooth out fragments, brushing your teeth in the morning listen to he said that only an electric toothbrush is a short video web celebrity of fool, don't know whether he is too rough, when brushing your teeth operation or electric toothbrush is too far-fetched, anyway, this is I've ever seen "tooth out the damaged tooth" examples of the dog blood. Others fall into a pit, I learn a lesson: electric toothbrush is not only about "cleanliness rate", reduce "tooth injury rate" is also very important! Don't blow there tens of thousands of vibrations per second, and don't blow yourself as "dental instrument", different teeth will have different sensitivity, tolerance, you grind my teeth great strength broken, where can I argue? If I just rely on "violent cleaning" to "whiten teeth", I would rather change to ordinary toothbrush slowly brush! So when I bought a new electric toothbrush, I paid special attention to its "toothless" properties, and the result was an electric one.

How to say, I've not used "flagship" electric toothbrush, but this is indeed different, its main characteristic is to change most product 4 ~ 5 fixed design of gear, but took out 12 gear ratio of CVT regulation and eight "does not hurt tooth" science and technology, users can according to the actual comfort, adjusting to the most suitable for their teeth gear, Minimize the "rate of tooth damage."

Actual brushing several days, the biggest feeling is the gear can be set in the most suitable, I probably around 4 gear, gear to brush your teeth after 3 ~ 6 gear adjustment, can clearly feel the dynamics of change, so the adjustment of the high degree of freedom, to old people to use, for teeth sensitive person, of course it is easier to find the corresponding the most comfortable gear, This is probably the external performance of the electric toothbrush's proud "12 strength + 8 technology".

You dozens of yuan, 100 yuan to buy an electric toothbrush, cleaning effect is certainly not as clean as ordinary toothbrush. The truth is very simple, now which business is doing charity? You can figure it out with your heel, and the probability of buying a qualified electric toothbrush for tens of dollars is almost zero. So if the budget is not enough, I will use an ordinary toothbrush to brush my teeth on the right, according to the "Pap brush method" step by step to brush, the same can brush very clean. Then I said those dozens of dollars of electric toothbrush, why not ordinary brush brush clean? The core is in the electric toothbrush "motor", a good electric toothbrush motor vibration frequency of more than 30,000 times per minute, only to achieve this frequency can completely remove tartar on your teeth. And dozens of dollars of electric toothbrush can be configured with such a good motor, you have to think about an electric toothbrush, in addition to the core of the motor, battery, mold costs, marketing costs and so on are costs, so in the purchase of electric toothbrush, do not be cheap.

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