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Special function of electric toothbrush

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In addition to the core function vibration, the core parts of the brush head and bristles, electric toothbrushes have many useful and interesting special functions, some of which can have incredible results. (1) Timing function Many electric toothbrushes have a timing function to remind them to change the area. When the maxillary brushing is in place, it is time to change the jaw, or when the lip side brush is enough to change the tongue side. This timing feature ensures a minimum cleaning time so that many ten-second teeth teeth are forced to brush for at least two minutes. At the same time, due to the high cleaning efficiency of electric toothbrush, it does not need too long time, and this timing reminder can also prevent the wear of teeth caused by using time too long. (2) Intelligent pressure control/pressure alarm Many people who brush their teeth vigorously, such as brushing shoes, brush their teeth too hard and no one reminds them, unknowingly put the electric toothbrush out of the defect without knowing it. The intelligent pressure controlled electric toothbrush will remind you not to push too hard, thus reducing the strength of brushing, helping you learn the correct strength and method of brushing, and ultimately reducing tooth wear. (3) Endurance but the tuning degree of magnetic levitation motor of different brands of electric toothbrush is different, because the cleaning effect and noise of electric toothbrushes are jointly determined by bristles and motor. The vibration frequency of the motor needs to be coordinated with the bristles, so as to have a better brushing experience, but this kind of adjustment is very delicate, and the cost is high. Therefore, the same magnetic levitation motor, more expensive electric toothbrush will be just a little bit.

Look at the building Lord said, the first is the student, the budget in 300, I think the average student can not use so much budget to choose electric toothbrush, unless it is rich second generation, of course, I can not kill a boat. I don't want to say too much. Because considering that we need electric toothbrush to brush our teeth, and the pursuit of cost-effective words, we still have a lot of options. General recommended several students are very suitable for the first choice of electric toothbrush.

Established clean force, to be able to "tooth injury rate dropped to the lowest, and the scope of the safe enough, better than most of the electric toothbrush with comfort, more security higher precision of frequency and amplitude of the swing, more high quality selection of materials, with the car factory produce high-end motors through motor manufacturers, at the same time every root brush is roughly uniform number, In order to achieve a lower rate of tooth injury, electric toothbrush focuses on the research and development of aero-class packaging and fixing process, with a more durable, stable and precise swing range.

Many people think that an electric toothbrush is just a lazy tool, just easier to brush than a regular toothbrush. Actually, no, electric toothbrushes are much better at cleaning than manual toothbrushes, and the vibration generated during the work can improve blood circulation in the mouth. It can also reduce damage to teeth and reduce the frequency of gingivitis.

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