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The Classification of Water Flosser.

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1) Home style Water Flosser


Household type in the use of the Water Flosser process, the motor does not heat, can be used continuously. Secondly, its working voltage is less than 16V, within the range of safe voltage, to ensure the safety of electricity in the bathroom. The key is to cover an area of small, can be placed on the washbasin.


2) Portable Water Flosser


Portable rechargeable Water Flosser, just like electric toothbrush, can be used for about one to two weeks each time it is fully charged. It is suitable for working partners and is easy to carry.


1. At present, there is no systematic review denying the role of Water Flosser in periodontal medicine with strong emphasis on evidence-based medicine. Research reports based on different ages will naturally come to different conclusions.


2. For the special population of fixed bridge/fixed orthodontic/intermaxillary fixation, the only alternative is the Water Flosser. (There are also manual and electric toothbrushes.)


3. The Water Flosser is the adjacent space (between teeth) cleaning tool, the same category of Water Flosser is the gold standard. I'm sure every dentist trained in evidence-based medicine will only compare a Water Flosser to electric toothbrush and recommend that their patients brush their teeth and clean the adjacent Spaces. There is no point in comparing Water Flosser with a toothbrush.


4. The stronger the cleaning ability is, the greater the damage to periodontal and dental body will be caused by improper use. The Water Flosser is one of the more harmless of several adjacent space cleaning methods. The unreasonable use of dental space brush will cause gingival atrophy to worsen, and the use of Water Flosser is not serious, and even too hard may still damage the periodontal period.


5. In the current environment, it is biased to ignore the learning cost to talk about the cleaning effect. Obviously, the learning cost of a Water Flosser is much lower than other adjacent space cleaning tools such as syringe irrigation and floss, and the force is uniform and can be replicated at any site. 

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