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The benefits of sonic electric toothbrush

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-12      Origin: Site

Despite its name, the "sonic" electric toothbrush doesn't use sound waves to brush, but is essentially driven by a machine. Its working principle is to rely on the movement of the micro-motor inside the electric toothbrush to drive the electric toothbrush head to swing at a high speed, and then make the bristles produce a small range of high-frequency vibration. It can not only rely on mechanical friction to remove dental plaque, but also use the water impact formed by acoustic vibration to remove food residues and bacteria from the gap between teeth and the edge of gums, which is more conducive to the health of teeth and periodontal tissues.

In addition to these need us to judge the point of comparison, there is a more intuitive, is the relevant certification. The reason why electric toothbrushes are mixed is because of the lack of a mandatory certification standard, all electric toothbrushes can be sold on the market without any certification, so the quality of electric toothbrushes will be uneven. In fact, for electric toothbrush, there are some authoritative certification bodies issued certification certificates at home and abroad, if there are these certification marks of electric toothbrush, its quality is generally tested, when buying can also focus on.

Sonic electric toothbrush motor is mainly divided into two kinds, brush motor and brushless motor, these two kinds are the most common, but now with the upgrade of technology, the quality and life of some high-end brush motor is no worse than that of brushless. But the mainstream or brushless motor performance is superior, better quality, more advanced technology. Brushless motor and electric toothbrush motor have similar, also have rotor and stator, but brush motor and the structure of the opposite; The rotor of electric toothbrush brush motor is the coil winding, and the power output shaft is connected, the stator is permanent magnet steel; The rotor of the brushless motor is permanent magnet steel, which is connected to the output shaft along with the housing, and the stator is the winding coil, removing the commutating electric toothbrush that the brushless motor uses to alternate the electromagnetic field.

I used one of those great electric toothbrushes, 37.9, 7.9 on the back. The quality was so poor that the water broke after 10 days of use. Just put it in your mouth and feel it vibrate a few times and brush your teeth. It doesn't hurt, but it doesn't help. You might as well buy a 20-piece manual toothbrush. For the student party, I still suggest to buy a domestic electric toothbrush at the price of 100-199. Firstly, in recent years, the domestic electric toothbrush manufacturer has been deeply cultivated at the price of less than 200 yuan, which is very cost-effective and suitable for the budget shortage of the student Party. Secondly, because the workmanship of this price belongs to the medium level in domestic species, the cleaning effect is good, although not as good as this big brand, but also enough. Why I dare to say this, because I have done an evaluation, currently tested 15 electric toothbrushes under the price of 200 yuan, the future will be evaluated more than 200 yuan.

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