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The difference between electric toothbrush and manual toothbrush

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Question 1: Which toothbrush brushes cleaner?


With proper brushing techniques and patience, both toothbrushes can clean teeth, but electric toothbrushes should be more efficient. Many people in life brush their teeth time is not enough, brush their teeth generally need about 2 minutes, usually fast pace of life friends recommend the choice of electric toothbrush.


Q2: Do electric toothbrushes damage your teeth more easily?


Electric toothbrush is to use the high-speed vibration movement to drive the brush head rotation or vibration to achieve the purpose of cleaning teeth, as long as the use of appropriate strength is not harmful to teeth, and now many brands of electric toothbrush have the function of pressure reminder, when the strength exceeds the safety value, the toothbrush will give a warning. Besides, the enamel on the surface of teeth is a very hard tissue, so there is no need to worry about damaging teeth by brushing, but we should still remind you to use the correct brushing method.


Question 3: Bleeding because you didn't choose the right sonic toothbrush?


Choosing the right sonic toothbrush will help you brush with twice as much effort, but bleeding is not necessarily related to the sonic toothbrush. Most people have gingivitis! Left untreated, gingivitis can lead to periodontitis, which, over time, can lead to loosening or even loss of teeth. If you find bleeding after brushing your teeth by sonic toothbrush, don't think it's a minor problem. You should see your dentist in time, otherwise a minor problem will become a major problem.


Question four: how to choose a suitable sonic toothbrush?


The choice of brush head: big or small?


It is suggested that small, small brush head has higher accuracy, and it is easier to clean all parts of the oral cavity, especially the last tooth in the dental arch. In clinical practice, we find that many people's last tooth has tooth decay, which is related to his usually not cleaning in place!


Hard bristles or soft bristles?


It is recommended that a soft bristle toothbrush can effectively clean teeth without damaging gums. Although hard bristle toothbrush feels more "clean", it is easy to damage the gums and wear the teeth more than soft bristle toothbrush. It is generally not recommended to buy super soft bristles, because the cleaning effect of teeth is not very good.


Question 5: Can children use electric toothbrushes?


Most children think electric toothbrushes are more fun, so it is easier to choose electric toothbrushes. Children under 4 years old are not recommended to use electric toothbrushes. Because the improper use of electric toothbrush may damage children's gums and mucous membranes, and may lead to accidental swallowing of children, bringing safety risks, so it is best for children to use electric toothbrush under the supervision of their parents


Best, I hope that no matter what toothbrush you use, you can master the correct brushing method and brush your teeth well!

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