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The first thing we need to know is what this black filth is.

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The first thing we need to know is what this black filth is.Most electric toothbrush handle on the use of soft glue material, long-term placed in the bathroom and other super humid environment, will grow mildew, we see the brush handle on the black dirty things, in fact, is mold.If you do not want your frequently used electric toothbrush to grow these dirty things, you should pay attention to the electric toothbrush in a ventilated place, such as timely open the ventilator after taking a bath, the bathroom moisture drain or do not use the bathroom to open the window ventilation, so that the electric toothbrush will not grow mold.So what if you have a black mold?Most people are used to using bleach to clean them, but the smell of bleach is too exciting and smell-bad. In what age, there must be a more scientific and efficient way to do it.I searched for everything I could, and immediately found the best thing -- mold removal gel. I applied the gel to the area where the mold had developed, and after three to five hours, I just wiped off electric toothbrush with a damp rag.If you want to take good care of your electric toothbrush, mastering these tips is no trouble at all.Tips 2: Replace the brush head every three months. Do you need to clean the brush head during these three months?We all know that the head of an electric toothbrush needs to be replaced after the first three months of use, but few of us know how to clean it after the first three months of use. If you're still brushing your electric toothbrush and throwing it away every day, you might want to listen carefully to what I have to say.If you always have some foreign matter or toothpaste left on the bristles after brushing, place the brush in water after brushing and turn the power switch back on to remove the residue from the brush.In addition, if the electric toothbrush is in a state of high temperature or exposure for a long time, the bristles are easy to bend and deform, so remember to put it in a ventilated and cool place to take good care of it.After cleaning the electric toothbrush, don't forget to shake it clean, finally put the toothbrush head up, let it stand quietly in the mouthwash cup.Tips 3: Clean up the brush handle, brush and other easy to hide dirt and dirt, daily how to maintain the electric toothbrush?1. Place the electric toothbrush in a ventilated and cool place.In the market we often see the electric toothbrush are labeled as advanced waterproof, but we will find that the performance of the electric toothbrush has decreased for a long time, and there will often be more obvious feedback in the vibration noise.Electric toothbrush placed in a dark and humid environment for a long time, the rubber on the surface of electric toothbrush is aging faster, which will also affect the performance of the overall electric toothbrush.So if you want to take good care of your beloved electric toothbrush, you must remember to keep it in a dry environment.2. Remove the head of the electric toothbrush after using it.Everyday, after using an electric toothbrush, we simply put the whole electric toothbrush into the mouthwash cup, but we don't know that this is a very bad habit.If you're a caring owner who takes care of your electric toothbrush, you should always remember to remove the head after using it.Because the brush head inserted into the brush handle, there will still be a very small gap, this place is the most likely to remain liquid, a long time will naturally moldy.3, more than one or two electric toothbrush heads must be right.We all know that the brush heads should be changed every three months, but there is a trick to alternating the brush heads.You can alternate between using a specific brush head in the morning and using the same brush head at night to give the electric toothbrush brush plenty of time to dry.In this way, to a great extent from the root of the brush head attached to the bacteria.Easy gingival inflammation of friends can be used in this way.

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