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The first time you use an electric toothbrush

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-23      Origin: Site

I had always used the traditional toothbrush, but later don't know what's the matter, often bleeding gums, and then went to the dental clinic to see the doctor said is sensitive gums, teeth and a little inflammation, said brushing habits are not good at ordinary times, force is too large, a toothbrush may not health cause at the same time, advised me to try the electric toothbrush, and then I will collect a large online articles,Various evaluation, some electric toothbrush is too expensive, cheap is calcium in calcium, many said rushed, charging time is not long, vibration is too strong, life is too short and so on all sorts of problems, I don't dare to buy, after all, the price is not cheap, hee hee, I then consider domestic electric toothbrush, finally saw a assessment recommended a niche brand electric toothbrush,I bought it, maybe the longer I looked at it, the less patience and judgment I had, haha, but it worked out fine.For the first time to use an electric toothbrush, lips feel like dozen anesthetic, shock vibration pump in the mouth, even the leather belt meat is hemp itchy, can not scratch scratch, and then I went to ask customer service, I say it's the quality problem, customer service is very patient told me the first time that generally, let me try again twice, and then I put aside, it's no use in two days on the third day began with an electric toothbrush.Second, everyone ever, couldn't open the switch on the mouth, toothpaste disappeared, ha, ha, ha, fly, and then I brush out, didn't turn off ahead of schedule, bubbles fly me a face, my angry, and find customer service complaints, sister patiently, good customer service, also told me that use electric toothbrush methods and steps, I just know, after the first close the order.The third time, it is much better, not very numb, the teeth began to feel a little enjoy the feeling, brush a kind of crisp numb feeling.The above is my experience of using the electric toothbrush. I adapted to it for about three or four days, but the bleeding of the gums really eased. Slowly, the gums did not bleed, and it was cleaner than before.So my personal experience tells those who are still hesitating, don't hesitate to buy an electric toothbrush, it does work.

Electric toothbrush is a new product in recent years. It is generally accepted that electric toothbrush is more scientific and effective than ordinary toothbrush.Electric toothbrushes are not only used to remove plaque, reduce gingivitis, periodontal disease, bleeding gums and other oral diseases, but also become the daily use of choice for more and more people.

And the electric toothbrush through the rapid rotation or vibration of the electric movement, so that the brush head produces high frequency vibration, instantly decompose the toothpaste into fine foam, deep cleaning teeth;At the same time, the vibration of the bristles can promote the blood circulation of the mouth, and the gingival tissue has a massage effect.So many benefits, but how to use an electric toothbrush correctly?

The correct way to use an electric toothbrush:It is recommended for first-time users to soak the brush head in warm water (lower than 40℃) before using it. 

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