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The invention of oral irrigator

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Since the introduction of pulsed dental oral irrigator in the 1950s, a large number of clinical studies have confirmed its good tissue safety without any obvious adverse reactions.Early studies have shown that healthy gingival tissue can withstand 90 psi(621 kPa) of irrigation pressure, while 50 to 70 psi(345-483 kPa) of irrigation pressure is recommended for gums with inflammation or ulcers.Cobb et al. flushed the periodontal pockets of patients with periodontitis with pulsed water flosser manufacturer at a pressure of 60 psi(414 kPa) for 8 s. The histological examination under electron microscopy showed that there was no obvious abnormity in the epithelial morphology of the irrigated site and the unirrigated site.

And a lot of dental oral irrigator doesn't have that much pressure.

There are risks in the faucet "water flosser" mentioned on Internet.

It is also reminded that the use of water flosser should be gradually increased from the small gear, to prevent the initial pressure from causing the inflammation of the gum to be damaged, gum bleeding, or even gum laceration.

If you can afford orthodontics, you must be able to afford irrigator dental.There is no one who has used it but said yes.So this is actually a question from a friend who has never flossed before, and is hesitant to try it. irrigator dental is not a consumer necessity, it is an optional consumer product.What is a consumer necessity?It is daily necessities such as firewood, rice, oil and salt, toilet paper, water and so on. We cannot live without oral irrigator factory.What is an optional consumer product?It refers to the consumer goods that can improve your life besides essential consumption after you become rich, such as luxury goods such as cars, designer bags and watches.

If an water flosser factory is a consumer necessity,  cordless water flosser is a consumer option, and using water flosser doesn't mean you don't brush your teeth. irrigator dental and water flosser are not alternatives, nor are they opposites.So water flosser factory, she says, is less efficient than oral irrigator dental brushing, so the argument that oral irrigator manufacturer is useless is moot. water flosser manufacturer is never compared to an cordless water flosser.1. Why does brushing your teeth need to be supplemented?Because brushing ability varies from person to person, we recommend that parents brush their teeth for children younger than 6 years of age, because the child's hand motor ability is not sufficient to support such a precise movement.And even for adults who don't have a hand problem at all, cleaning a toothbrush isn't always an easy task.We oral doctors repeatedly recommended the oral irrigator, can effectively clean the gingival crevicular, how many people master it?I've never given a brushing test, but if there were one, half of us would probably fail.The pass rate for careful brushing is still low, not to mention the effectiveness of brushing by people who brush lightly.

oral irrigator can be cleaned to the adjacent and subgingival surfaces. It is a very cheap tool.However, the subgingiva of the buccal lingual side cannot be cleaned.At the same time, there is a certain technical sensitivity to use.Improper use may cause problems with gingival cleft.

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