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The oral irrigator, also known as "water flosser,"

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The oral irrigator, also known as "water flosser," uses pulsed water to remove food debris and bacteria from blind areas such as tooth gaps, gingival crevices and grooves. It can reduce the growth of dental plaque, improve gum problems and improve oral health. In addition, the pulsing water from the oral irrigator promotes blood circulation to the gums, making them healthier and stronger.

The first choice you have to make when buying a water flosser is whether to buy a desktop or a portable one. First said the next desktop water flosser, the advantages of the desktop is mainly in the water tank, a wash is absolutely enough. (a flush is generally 300-400ml, portable water tank is less than 200ml). Secondly, the water tank is mostly separated, and the whole can be removed for cleaning, which is cleaner. The range of water pressure can be adjusted to adapt to the needs of more people. The desktop is basically equipped with nozzle storage room, which is convenient for many people in the family to change the nozzle.

But disadvantages in the use of the need to plug in, cover a large area, when using the water tank, there are cable trouble.

Say again next portable water flosser, the advantage basically can be used for going out to use, for example go on a business trip, go to work, go shopping. Use up can put at will, do not occupy an area, do not have to plug in electricity all the time, also use no cable trouble. But the biggest problem is that the water tank is small, once punching teeth, to add water 1-3 times.

The bottom line is that the home desktop water flosser is more functional, but not portable. Portable water flosser although portable, but the water tank functionality is poor.

Therefore, if the choice is mainly used at home, it must be a better desktop home oral irrigator, with a large water tank and full functions, and it can easily change the nozzle, which is more convenient to use. If you need to go to work, travel to use, then choose portable oral irrigator, functional although almost, but also are good enough to use. That's what most people choose.

Whether it is a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, can only clean the surface of the teeth, gingival crevice, tooth gap is not clean! The food and bacteria that are left behind can grow and produce plaque, which is the root of all evil that leads to black lines, cavities and dental stonesThen you have gingivitis, bleeding gums, cavities. So you can use the oral irrigator.

I can tell you that an oral irrigator is not an IQ tax. An oral irrigator is a perfect solution to a mouth problem that regular brushing can't solve. Bacteria in the mouth eat the food left between the teeth, forming plaque that sticks to the teeth.

If you think about it, do your teeth start to decay in the trigonometry and crevices? That's the truth, but it doesn't matter! The oral irrigator is the perfect way to remove food particles and bacteria from the gaps between teeth.

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