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The oral irrigator device itself has no side effects

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The oral irrigator device itself has no side effects, but the side effects are caused by improper operation. Many people worry that the water pressure in the punch is too high, which can irritate the gum tissue and cause the gum to recede. In fact, the brands must have been tested and considered before the development of the tooth impactor to ensure that the set range of water pressure, not to overstimulate the gums, but also to wash away food particles, massage the gums, promote blood circulation, periodontal health.

Why to use water flosser can gum bleed? Generally, there are two conditions. One is that the gum itself is relatively fragile, and it cannot adapt to the water pressure at the beginning of use. In this case, it is recommended to adjust the sensitive mode of low pressure, and it will get better after a period of time. In addition, it is also possible that there are dental stones or other periodontal diseases in your gums. Instead, after using the water flosser for a period of time, the gingival condition improves and the gums no longer bleed. If your gums still bleed after two days of use, see your dentist.

How often should I use the oral irrigator? Frequent use of the oral irrigator can cause saliva loss, so it is appropriate to use it 1-2 times a day. It is ok to use before or after brushing your teeth, mainly depending on personal habits.

Usually after brushing, there are some corners can be brushed, but the cleaning ability is limited, can not completely remove impurities, resulting in bad breath, really embarrassing. This is indeed a limitation of toothbrushes, which can remove dirt, but not very finely. So the water flosser can be completely bought, only rely on the toothbrush to clean teeth, has been unable to remove the residual food between the teeth, mouth cleaning is not clean enough, often lead to bad breath, that kind of embarrassing situation, who has not encountered?

The oral irrigator adopts high pressure water to wash the tooth gap, and multiple gears can adjust various pressures to choose from. The oral irrigator can be washed immediately and the breath can be kept clearer. The shape of the oral irrigator is very beautiful, the appearance level is very outstanding, and the performance is strong enough. The water pressure is not constant, but supports multi-gear function mode. Waterproof ability is a unique, so do not worry about soaking in water, caused by a variety of product quality problems. If you also have bad breath trouble, this is caused by the mouth cleaning is not clean enough, for young people, image is particularly important, always keep fresh breath, is completely necessary, who is willing to close contact with a mouthful of breath, I think there will not be.

The water flosser can be very effective in sweeping the tooth blind area and effectively alleviating the oral problems. Only by thoroughly cleaning the residues and bacteria between the teeth can the oral problems be completely solved. Usually, the high frequency and powerful pulse water column can easily clean each tooth gap and reduce the dental plaque. Multi-gear cleaning mode intensity can be adjusted, there is always a gear for you.

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