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The root of preventing these oral diseases is to brush your teeth well and choose good teeth cleaning products, such as electric toothbrush.

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Nowadays, with the diversification of daily diet, people have to face more and more oral problems, such as bad breath, bleeding gums, pulpitis, periodontitis, tooth decay and so on. The root of preventing these oral diseases is to brush your teeth well and choose good teeth cleaning products, such as electric toothbrush.

In recent years, the popularity of electric toothbrushes in China is getting higher and higher. At present, the electric toothbrushes in the domestic market are mainly divided into two categories: acoustic vibration electric toothbrushes and mechanical rotating electric toothbrushes. Because of the difference in working mode, these two toothbrushes have a very impressive feeling of use.

Again, the electric toothbrush is not an IQ tax. The reason for thinking that electric toothbrush is an IQ tax is because we don't know enough about electric toothbrush. I believe that many people are interested in electric toothbrushes, only to hear the rumors of "electric toothbrushes will crack the teeth, electric toothbrushes will damage the gums" and so on are discouraged. If you do your homework in advance and choose the right electric toothbrush according to your tooth condition and income, electric toothbrush is definitely the best tool for cleaning teeth.

The electric toothbrush can generate more than ten thousand times of high-frequency vibration through the rapid rotation of the built-in electric movement, and drive the brush bristles to carry out acoustic vibration, so as to introduce water and toothpaste foam into the tooth gap, and wash the dental plaque and other dirt in the mouth.

The head and bristles of the electric toothbrush are carefully designed to make the bristles softer and the bristles more dense. Combined with the high-frequency vibration of the toothbrush, it can massage the gums and clean the tongue coating.

The intelligent degree of electric toothbrush is very high. Its body is equipped with a force sensor, which can sense the intensity of brushing at any time. When the intensity is too large, the amplitude will be automatically reduced, and the indicator light reminds the user to reduce the intensity of brushing.

In order to ensure that the oral cavity can be thoroughly cleaned and nursing, the electric toothbrush added intelligent timing function, within the area of the brush enough 30 seconds can be smart to remind the user to change the area, to achieve the purpose of deep cleaning.

The amplitude frequency of electric toothbrush is generally more than 30,000 times/min. Such high-frequency amplitude has a stronger decomposition ability of toothpaste. It drives the bristles to repeatedly brush the teeth between the teeth to clean the dental plaque, food residue and stubborn plaque, and the overall cleaning effect is excellent. The brush wire of electric toothbrush is mostly DuPont soft brush, which is fine and flexible in texture, comfortable in touch, gentle and clean without hurting teeth, prevent gingival bleeding, and have a very prominent effect of fixing teeth and protecting gingival.

Electric toothbrush has a number of cleaning modes, coupled with intelligent memory, timing reminder, pressure sensing and other functions, can help users correct the wrong brushing method, cultivate correct and good brushing habits, its brushing method is more scientific, and then the cleaning and nursing effect is more perfect.

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